Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Ola Ghanem refuses the role of a lesbian

Egyptian actress Ola Ghanem will play a role in the upcoming film “Alaqat Sakhina” (Seductive Relationships), directed by Munis Al Shorbaji.

Ola denies rumors that the film is about two lesbian women who are in love, but rather a story of a friendship between two women. One is wealthy and played by Ola Ghanem, and the other is poor and played by the Lebanese singer Dolly Shaheen.

Ola said that she can never play such a role, and that she chooses her films very carefully.

Ola is filming a television drama series called “Misk Al Laik” (The Night Scent), written by Noor Al Deen and directed by Muhmmad Al Naqli. Actors Izat Al Alayli, Mahmoud Qabeel, Abeer Sabri, Nada Basyouni and Muhammad Al Shaqanqiri also star in the series. The series revolves around the life style of powerful businessmen who are able to determine and interfere in politics.

She will appear a film called “Thil Al Muhareb” (The Worrier Shadow), also starring staring Hisham Salim.

Haifa denies rumors of marrying an Egyptian businessman

Lebanese superstar Haifa Wahbi has denied rumors that she married an Egyptian businessman.

A recent article in one of the tabloids claimed that the singer married Egyptian businessman Ahmad Abu Hashimah, who owns an iron factory in Egypt. The article said that Haifa met Abu Hashimah in Dubai at an Amr Diab’s concerts.

Haifa was seen with Abu Hashimah on a ship on the Nile in the Al Zamalik area of Cairo, and Abu Hashimah also held a party in celebration of Haifa’s birthday.

Other rumors claim that Haifa’s daughter has gotten engaged. Haifa responded that it is shameful to spread news about her daughter who is only 11- years old.

A representative from the Algerian parliament has called for Haifa to be banned from singing and even entering Algeria. He claimed that Haifa has been banned from entering other Arab countries due to the fact that her style is considered to be inappropriate.

Elissa replaces Nancy

After the Lebanese singer Nancy Ajram turned down an offer to sing in Sharm Al Sheikh for Egyptian television’s spring celebration, Lebanese singer Elissa will take her place.

According to the London daily Elaph, Elissa agreed to sing along with the famous Egyptian singer Hani Shaker, Lebanese singer Marwan khoury and Mai Kasab. The journalist Mufidah Shiha will host the celebration and it will be directed by Hani Lashin.

The president of the music department from Egyptian television, Mr. Nano Hamdi, said that he understood Nancy’s cancelation because she is tied up with concerts that she previously arranged.

Elissa will host another concert on April 28 for the Egyptian Ahli Club with the young Egyptian singer Muhammad Hamaqi.

She will then continue advertising her new line of perfume in Kuwait, Qatar and Dubai.

Sunday, April 27, 2008

Elissa turns down marriage proposal from a Gulf prince

The Lebanese singer Elissa announced that she refused an offer of 10 million American dollars by a prince from a Gulf nation to marry him.

Elissa said that when she decides to get married, money will not be included in her calculations. Elissa's announcement was mocked by a Lebanese magazine.

An official from the production company ‘Rotana’ said that Elissa asked to have her album released without using any Egyptian distributors, because she had problems with two Egyptian distributors on her previous album.

Assi Hilani replaces Asala with Shayma

Lebanese singer Assi Hilani intended to sing a song with the Syrian singer Asala Nasri. He later changed his mind and decided to replace Asala with the “Star Academy” star Shayma.

The song will be released solo, before the Assi’s next album.

According to the London daily Elaph, the new song is called “Weenak” (Where Are You?), written by Ahmad Madi, composed by Haitham Ziad and distributed by Toni Saba. Assi and Shayma filmed a video clip for “Weenak” with the famous Lebanese director Saeed Marouq.

First, Assi will release his other solo single “Yemkin” (Maybe), written by Nizar Francis and composed by Assi Hilani himself.

The idea of releasing a solo single before releasing an album is a trend that Assi started almost a year and a half ago. He released a number of solo songs before releasing his last album “Daqat Albi” (My Heart’s Beat).

Latifa says goodbye to ‘Rotana’

The production company “Yala Fan” (Come on Art) is opening an office in Beirut, despite the unstable security and economic conditions. The new office will open in the Verdan area in the heart of Beirut.

According to the London daily Elaph, Khaled Agha, the former marketing director of ‘Rotana’ is part of the new staff, along with Iraqi Yousif Rasho and American Patrick Stevens.

Khaled Agha explained that “” will be one of the first internet sites in the Arab World that aims to connect Arab artists to their fans.

Khaled Agha also said that “Yala Fan” is a way of communication for the new generation to download songs and vote for their favorite songs.

“Yala Fan” thinks that now is the time for solo singles and not albums, since album sales are decreasing. “Yala Fan” also aims to connect the Arab community throughout the world, as well as music lovers in countries outside the Arab World.

Kuwaiti singer Shams is said to be the first artist to sign with the company.
The Tunisian singer Latifa also signed with “Yala Fan” after talks failed between her and ‘Rotana.’ Latifa’s last album, “Malomat Akidah” was a great success with ‘Rotana.’

Khaled Agha said that “Yala Fan” doesn’t compete with ‘Rotana’ because it is digital and might work with other production companies.
The new company will hold celebrations in Beirut and Dubai this June.

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Asala postpones acting and hopes to be pregnant

Syrian singer Asala Nasri will perform a new duet with the young singer Rami Sabri on her upcoming album.

The new duet will be called “Mish Faker Leek” (I Don’t Remember About You.” The new album will also include the song “Infarij An Nafsak” (Ease Yourself), written by Khaled Taj Al Deen and composed by Khaled Iz.

On the other hand, Asala’s first cinema project has been postponed until the end of this year. She said that she hopes to be pregnant when she starts filming, because there are scenes n which her character is pregnant.

According to the London daily Elaph, Asala talked about her last performance at the “Hala Febryer” (Welcome February) festival that was held in Kuwait.

She was please by her success and surprised by the enthusiasm of the audience when she sang the songs from her latest album “Sawaha Albi” (My Heart Did It).

Asala has recorded more than 40 songs so far and she will choose the best of them to include on her new album. She was hoping that it would be released around her birthday on Mat 15th, but she thinks that the music production company ‘Rotana’ will release it in June.

Solaf Fawakhrji holds Olympic Torch in Muscat

Syrian actress Solaf Fawakhrji carried the Olympic Torch through Oman’s capital Muscat. More than 80 people carried the torch, including journalists, actors, athletes and even businesspeople that held on to the torch before passing it to the Syrian actress. Oman was the ninth stop for the torch on its 5 continent journey.

Alongside Fawakhrji, holding the torch, was the president of the Qatari soccer team Saed Al Shamari, the Saudi sports broadcaster Batal Al Qaws, Omani Artist Salah Al Zidjali and the well-known businessman Muhammad Abdullah Mousa, a partner in “Sarko” company that distributes Samsung products in Oman and the CEO of Mustafa Sultan Company a company that distribute cell phones from Samsung.

According to the London daily Elaph, the torch traveled 20 kilometers as it was passed from one hand to the other.

The torch was lit on March 25 in Olympia Greece, and it will travel 137 kilometers in 130 days. At the end it will reach the last point where the 2008 Olympics will be held in Peeking, China. 22,000 people will carry it from one point to the next till it reaches its destiny, a record high.

Jomana Murad marries Samer Al Masri

Syrian actress Jomana Murad was part of a fashion show for designer Emanoush. She modeled a wedding dress that wowed the audience.

According to the London daily Elaph, Jomana finished filming the Syrian television drama series “Haik Tjawazna” (This How We Got Married), written by Mazen Taha and directed by Amar Radwan.

A number of famous Syrian actors also star in “Haik Tjawazna,” like Solaf Fawakhirji, Samer Al Masri, Basil Khayat, Nadine Tahseen Beek, Ayman Rida and Nidal Nijem.

The new series is the third production by Jomana. She previously produced “Al Khaet Al Abyad” (White Threat) and “Intiqam Al Wardah” (Flower Revenge). The new series is a comedy consisting of thirty individually titled episodes.

Jomana has started filming the third part of the Syrian television drama series “Bab Al Harah” (Neighborhood Door), directed by Basam Al Mala. Jomana will be playing the role of Sharifa who is deeply in love with the character Al Akid Abu Shhab played by Samer Al Masri. At the end the lovers get married.

In the third part of “Bab Al Harah” the character Abu Isam , played by the famous Syrian actor Abbas Al Nouri, dies.

Jomana declined to comment on the decision not to allow Arab actors to star in more than one project per year, made by Ashraf Thaki head of the Egyptian Artist Association. Jomana does not think the new decision applies to Syrian actors like herself.

Monday, April 21, 2008

Kazem Al Saher meets with Wardah

Famous Iraqi singer Kathem Al Saher finished recording a new children's song “Bithrit Amal” (A Seed of Hope) at the ‘Aghani Dubai Studios.’ The new song is written by Muhammad Al Deeb and composed by Al Saher. It is distributed by Amro Abed Al Aziz and the mix is done by Ali Hamed.

According to the London daily Elaph, Al Saher has given the famous Syrian singer Mayada Al Hinawi, who participated with him on the same episode of “Al Araab” entertainment show, permission to sing the song “Ashkik Limeen”(Who can I complain to?) The song is composed by Al Saher and was written by the late Egyptian legend Muhammad Abed Al Wahab.

Al Saher has renewed his contract with the music production company ‘Rotana.'

For the time being Al Saher is staying in Egypt to work on recording songs for his new album. The new album will be in the Iraqi style.

Al Saher has a very busy schedule this summer. He will perform for his Iraqi fans on May 2nd and 4th in Arbeel. He will be joined in Iraq by the Syrian singer Asala Nasri and Lebanese singer Dina Hayek. On May 8th he’ll host a concert at the Conference Palace in Abu Dhabi with the Lebanese singer Rula Saed.

Al Saher has filmed a video clip for the song “Farashit Ramel Al Baher” (Butterfly of the ocean’s sand) with an Australian director. He will travel to Melbourne on May 8th to film the clip and will host three concerts in Sidney on the 16th, 17th and 18th of May.

Al Saher took advantage of his stay in Egypt and went to visit the famous signer Wardah Al Jazairyeh to work on their new duet together.

Rowaida Atyeh screams 'My life is mine'

Syrian singer Rowaida Atyeh is sending a message to her ex-husband and his allies though her new song “Hayati Milki” (My Life Belongs To Me), that her life is on track.

Many rumors were spread about Rowaida’s personal life and her divorce.
According to the London daily Elaph, Rowaida has signed a new contract with 'Al Anoud Production Company.' The first project is Rowaida’s new song “Hayati Milki” that she finished recording few days ago.

The song is written by Eli Bitar, composed by George Mardirosyan and distributed by Rojeh Khouri. The song will be aired on radio stations soon and a video clip is in the works.

Rowaida’s new manager (first name?)Al Anoud, said that Rowaida has a strong voice which deserves a lot of support.

Madline Matar rediscovers herself

Lebanese artist Madline Matar is almost done making her first film “Akher Kalam” (Last Talk) with Egyptian actors Hasan Husni and the child-star Mina.

The new film is written by Muhammad Hifthi, directed by Akram Farid and is produced by Al Sabki. Madline plays the role of a singer in the film, which is a comedy. Filming is scheduled to be complete in the next two weeks.

Rumors claim that Madline's role was first given to the famous Lebanese singer Haifa Wahbe. Madeline said hat it is possible since both singers work for the same production company. Madline said that she had many sessions with the director and the writer and they all have adjusted the film to make it fit for her.

According to the London daily Elaph, Madline is pleased that Al Sabki has given her a leading role and that he believes in her talent. Madline is optimistic about her role. She will sing two songs in the film “Al Qalab Al Tayeb” (Good Heart) and “Bibasata” (Simply).

Madline may move from Egypt to Beirut, because she misses her hometown. She will travel between Beirut and Cairo till the film is released in theaters.

Madline is working on a new album. She recorded two songs in Cairo, one classical and the other fast-beat. So far Madline is paying o record her songs, and will select a production company in the future. She has received two different offers from production companies so far, one Egyptian.
Madline will hold a concert in Sharm Al Sheikh, Egypt in May.

Thursday, April 17, 2008

The only woman in Tamer Hosny’s life

The Egyptian superstar Tamer Husni put an end to the rumors that link him to different women.

Several rumors claim that he is engaged or even married.

“It is not true, the only woman in my life is my mother,” said Tamer, she has always been there for me.

Tamer said that he rarely attends private celebrations. He devotes his time to his work, whether preparing for a film or composing a new song.

Tamer will perform at several charity concerts in various Egyptian cities. The proceeds will be donated to the infirm and the needy.

“My main concern today is to sing for issues that affect the public,” said Tamer.
Tamer is working on his latest film “Captain Hima,” written by Ahmad Abed Al Fatah and directed by Naser Mahrous. Ahmad Rateb, Zainah, Marwah Abed Al Minim and Ahmad Zaher also play leading roles in the new film.

Haifa sings for Hani Shaker’s daughter

The Lebanese singer Haifa Wahbe was invited to sing at the wedding of the Egyptian singer Hani Shaker’s daughter. Dina married the Egyptian councilor Majdi Ma’moun.

Haifa performed several solos songs. She also sang two songs with Hani Shaker and later sang with Egyptian singer Ehab Tawfiq.

There were many stars at the wedding like Nadia Al Jundi, Nabila Obeid, Mahmoud Yasin and his wife Shahira, Majida Zaki and her husband Kamal Abu Reyh, Khaled Zaki, Mirvat Amin, and Nilly.

Haifa just finished filming her latest video clip for the song “Ma Tolish Lihad” (Don’t Tell Anyone). The filming spanned three days at the Adma studios in Lebanon. Haifa’s clothes were designed by Nicola Jibran from Lebanon.

Elissa advertises for album on “El Beit Beitak”

Lebanese signer Elissa appeared as a guest on the entertainment program “Al Beit Beitak” (The House is yours), hosted by Egyptian journalist Mahmoud Saed.

According to the London daily Elaph, Elissa’s appearance on the show is her first since the release of her latest album “Ayami Beek” (My days with you), that has ranked first place since its release.

Elissa explained that she is in love with the Egyptian dialect and that “it is just like the Lebanese dialect” for her, although she finds it difficult to sing the Khaliji “Gulf countries” dialect.

Elissa said that she chooses her songs according to her own feelings and emotions, and when she likes what she hears she goes for it.

At the beginning of her career Elissa appeared in several musicals. She hoped to be discovered for her singing voice, over her ability to act.

She also talked about how a famous Lebanese director who didn’t believe in her talent and how he had canceled their contract a short while after signing it.

Elissa believes that a good video clip is what makes a song successful. She has yet to film a video clip for any of the songs from her new album.

Elissa recently received the World Music Award. She asserted that she deserved the award. Rumors claimed that she had paid money to receive the award.

Elissa loves living in Lebanon. “I will never leave,” she said.

Amal Maher sings with Midhat Saleh

The president of ‘Kawakib’ (Planets) magazine, Fawzi Ibrahim has invited singer Amal Maher and Egyptian singer Midhat Saleh to perform at a celebration for the magazine’s 76th anniversary on May 14 at the Egyptian Opera House.

Last year’s celebration was hosted by Egyptian singers Hani Shaker and Shireen Abed Al Wahab.

According to the London daily Elaph, Amal will sing a collection of her famous songs like “Feh Eh Beenak O Benha” (What Is between You and Her), “Is’lini Ana” (Ask Me), and “Mish Rage’ Tani” (I’m Not Coming Back). Midhat Saleh will perform select songs from his latest album “Albi Be Khatar” (My Heart in Danger) and some of his older tunes.

President Ibrahim, also a well-know writer, said that he is pleased the yearly celebration has become a success among the magazine’s readership.

The famous magazine was established during the 1930’s and was initially distributed free with the “Musawer” magazine. It was later distributed on its own in the 1940’s. Ever since, the magazine has been popular in Egypt and throughout the Arab world.

Nancy Ajram working on new album

Lebanese superstar Nancy Ajram is putting the final touches on her latest album, soon to be released.

Nancy has surprised her fans by including a 15-minute song.

Nancy recorded the song “Ana Been Edik” (I’m Between Your Hands), composed by Mahmoud Al Khayami during her recent visit to Cairo. The recording took place at the ‘Laila’ studios in Al Muhandiseen in Cairo.

The song is one of Nancy’s romantic songs featured on the new album.
Nancy asked several composers in Cairo to prepare new material for her new album that she can review during her next visit to Cairo.

Nancy is financing the production of the new album herself. She plans to then re-sell it to a production company that will “value it,” said Nancy.

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Simone at a turning point in her life

Egyptian artist Simone has returned to the spotlight as a singer, actor and television host on a new show on one of the new Egyptian satellite channels.

According to the London daily Elaph, Simone recently appeared on the show “Hiwar Jar’” (Courageous Talk), aired on the satellite channel “Modern TV”. Simone talked about the turning point in her life and her new album, for which she has completed 6 songs.

Simone also filmed a video clip for one of the songs from her new album called “Tiesh Al Farha” (Live The Moment). She described the song as suitable for her life now.

On the show Simone recounted her first experience in the Egyptian cinema in the film “Youm Helo Wa Youm Mor” (Sweet Day And A Bitter Day), which gave her the chance to act alongside the great Egyptian actress Faten Hamamah.

Simone said Faten Hamamah was very down to earth and gave her good advice on how to become a successful actress. Faten was the reason she wanted to become an actor, said Simone. Simone is filming a new movie with Egyptian superstar Amer Diab called “Ice-cream In Gleam.” Simone talked about how she enjoys engaging in charity work when she is away from the spotlight. Simone is starring in a new television drama series, “Qoyoud Min Nar” (Chains From Fire, aired on ART satellite channel.

Maysam Nahas releases “Adorable”

Lebanese singer Maysam Nahas has released a new album called “Mahdoom” (Adorable). Her fans were waiting for the release for a year and a half.

The new album features 8 songs that were written by Kamal Qabisi, Rafi, Jihad Farah, Milhem Saab and Yaser Jalal. Maysam also worked with a number of composers like Yehya Al Hasan, Rafi, Jihad Farah, Yaser Jalal and George Mrdirosyan.

The songs on the new album are “Mahdoom” (Adorable), “Bahlam Beyounak” (I Dream About Your Eyes), “Hatrooh Beed O Inseetak” (You’ll Go Far And I’ll Forget You), “Batfa’al Feek” (You’re My Lucky Charm), “Bishar Layali” (Staying Up At Night), “Mujarad So’al” (Only A Question) and “Habib Al Rooh” (The Love Of My Soul).

The songs from Maysam’s new album are sung in a mix of Lebanese, Egyptian and Khaliji “Gulf countries” dialects.

Photographer Wasim Rahal presents Maysam in a new look on the new album cover. Maysam’s sister Elda designed the cover.

According to the London daily Elaph, Maysam chose the song, which holds the album’s title “Mahdoom” (Adorable), to film in the form of a music video with the famous Lebanese director Fadi Haddad.

Fadi is becoming a favorite among of many singers, now competing with established directors throughout the Arab World.

Sunday, April 13, 2008

Amr Diab sings in Abu Dhabi

Egyptian superstar Amer Diab has returned to the United Arab Emirates to host a live concert in the Emirati capital Abu Dabhi.

According to the London daily Elaph, Diab held two live concerts in Dubai at the beginning of the year.

The Lebanese singer Nicole Saba will be joining Diab in Abu Dhabi.

According to Emirati fans, tickets for the concert are outrageously expensive. The price of first class tickets is 2000 Emirati Dirham(US$540), second class is set at 1500 Emirati Dirham (US$400), and third class 1000 Dirham (US$270).

This is the second time the two superstars will give a concert performance together in the UAE. Their last concert was held in Dubai, drawing over 6000 fans. Concert planners are hoping for the same success for the Abu Dhabi concert.

Amer Diab’s fans prefer open concerts with unrestricted seating, to give them more freedom to interact with their beloved singer. At Diab’s New Years concert fans left their seats and stood in front of the stage.

Although, when the superstar sings his more romantic songs, the audience is calmly entranced.

Ragheb Alameh signs new contract

Lebanese superstar Ragheb Alameh has signed a new contract with the international production company ‘Virgin,’ after fierce competition amongst production companies for the lucrative contract.

The new album,called “Bashak” (I’m In Love with You), features 12 songs and will be released at the end of April.

According to the London daily Elaph, Alameh did not want to sign with a production company that exclusively holds the rights to his albums. If the deal is successful it may usher in a comeback for foreign production companies to the Arab market.

Darine Hadchiti at the 2008 “Discover Syria” rally

Lebanese singer Darine Hadchiti’s will film a music video clip for her latest song “Hobak Ghali” (You love is priceless).

The song has been given significant air-time on radio stations across the Arab World, ranking first place on several charts.

The clip will be directed by Walid Nasif and will be filmed this month.

According to the London daily Elaph, Dareen will appear as the guest of honor at the 2008 “Discover Syria Rally,” starting April 16 in Damascus. Dareen will have the opportunity to meet her Syrian fans during the different stages of the rally.

This marks Dareen’s first live concert in Damascus, although she has given other live performances in Syria.

Dareen’s participation in the Syrian Rally is her first break from recording in several months.

Jomanah Murad Joins “Bab Al Harah part 3”

The Syrian actress Jomanah Murad announced that she has begun filming the third part of the television drama series “Bab Al Harah” (Neighborhood Door), directed by Basam Al Mala. The new series is scheduled to be aired during the coming holy month of Ramadan.

Jomanah has turned down several offers from Egyptian and Syrian television to make herself available for her new role. Jomanah will play “Sharifah,” the wife of Al Akid Abu Shahab played by Samer Al Masri. Abu Shahab is the only male character who is not married in parts one and two.

Al Masri said his character will continue to fight the colonists and resolves his people’s problems.

“Bab Al Harah” is considered to be one of the most important Arabic television dramas produced during the 2006 and 2007 Ramadan seasons. The series was a great success throughout the Arab World, ranking the number one program on Arabic satellite channels.

The third part of “Bab Al Harah” one of the leading characters, “Abu Isam,” played out by Abbas Al Nouri, dies and new neighborhoods are added to the series, along with other dramatic changes.

Nadine Falah returns to ‘Rotana’

Lebanese host Nadine Falah has signed a new contract with the music company ‘Rotana,’ after several conflicts between her and the production company that last for more than three years.

According to the London daily Elaph, Negotiations between the two parties were conducted in secrecy.

Nadine will have her own show to be aired on ‘Rotana Khalijia,’ the channel which airs songs sung in the Gulf dialect and is seeing so many changes lately that are yet to be revealed.

The new show is called “Saydati” (Madam), and will be produced with the help of “Saydati Magazine.” Only one episode was filmed so far and was aired on ‘Rotana Khaijia’ last Sunday. Nadine is working on filming the second episode and there will be a total of 31 episodes for this season. Filming took place in Dubai.

‘Rotana Khalijia’ is a music channel and will also air various shows and drama series for the whole family. The new satellite channel will be competing with the more successful channel MBC.

Nadine currently has her own show on Abu Dhabi channel called “Inta Meen” (Who Are You).

Friday, April 11, 2008

Marwan Khouri angry with ‘Rotana’

After the success of his album “Kol Al Qasaed” (All the Poems) the Lebanese signer Marwan Khoury has earned his place as one of the most important composers in the Arab World.

Now he is working on a new album called “Ana Wa Lail” (The Night And Me) and will film a new music video clip for the album.

According to the London daily Elaph, the new album is a collection of romantic songs. Critics have compared the style to that of Iraqi singer Kathem Al Saher and Lebanese singer Fadel Shaker.

Marwan has been less than pleased with the comparison, because he feels that he has his own style of music.

“To be a successful composer you must try not to be repetitive and always look for new rhymes,” said Marwan.

He enjoys working with his brothers Claude and Danny because he truly feels they are talented, he added.

Rumors claim there is a conflict between Marwan and music production company Rotana over the album.

Marwan asserts there is no conflict, just a delay in releasing the album.
He did express his dissatisfaction over the delay in producing his music video and that ‘Rotana’ had set a lower budget for the video clip than what he expected.

Marwan is also composing songs for various artists, like Lebanese singers Elissa, Majida Al Romi, and Maya Nasri, along with Iraqi singer Shatha Hasoon, and Maha Al Reem.

Carole at the Cartier International Polo Challenge

Lebanese singer Carole Samaha was invited as the guest of honor at the Cartier International Dubai Polo Challenge.

According to the London daily Elaph, the celebration was held at the Arab Tower in Dubai. Her royal highness princess Haya Bint Al Hussein, wife of his royal highness sheikh Muhammad Bin Rashed Al Maktoom, was in attendance.

Cartier Company president, Pierre Fornasse welcomed Carole. She glowed, wearing a dress designed by Zuhair Murad.

There were many international celebrities and fashion designers from various European countries on hand for the event.

Carole performed her song “Adwa Al Shohrah” (Spotlights Of Fame) and she also performed her song, in the Egyptian dialect, “Yama Layali” (So Many Nights).

Basima at the Dagher fashion show

The Lebanese artist Basima recently participated in a fashion show for the Egyptian designer Muhammad Dagher.

Basima is known to be close friends with the Egyptian designer.

Lebanese host Razan Al Maghrabi also participated in the fashion show and wore Dagher’s designs.

Egyptian actress Fifi Abdoh was also on the runway, donning Gagher’s summer collection of ‘abayas’ (black long dresses for Muslim women).

Basima agreed to hold a number of live concerts and shows in Dubai during the month of April for spring celebrations. After Dubai she will travel to Bahrain to host a private concert.

Thursday, April 10, 2008

Mirvat Amin did not evade paying taxes

A Cairo court has rendered a decision stating there is no legitimate proof Egyptian actress Mirvat Amin tried to evade paying her taxes.

Mirvat is one of several Egyptian celebrities that have recently received notification from the Egyptian tax agency reminding them to pay their over-due taxes.

Mirvat has taken the leading role in the new television drama series “Tayart Waraq” (A Kite), scheduled to be aired during the holy month of Ramadan. A number of leading actors will also star in the new drama series, like Izat Abu Oof, Mahmoud Qabeel, Ahmad Rateb and Tunisian actress Durah.

The new series was created by Dr. Ayman Abed Al Rahman and directed by the Syrian Zuhair Qanoo’.

Miriam Atallah denies working with Nicola Al Asta

Syrian music artist Miriam Atallah, graduate of the first season of the talent show “Star Academy,” has denied rumors circulating in newspapers that she is planning to perform a duet with Lebanese singer Nicola Al Asta.

Rumors claim the two will perform a national song together called “Sho Bedak Mini” (What do you want from me).

According to the London daily Elaph, Miriam’s press office released a statement asserting there were intentions for Miriam and Nicola to work together, but the project was cancelled. Miriam will perform a duet with a male singer instead.

Miriam confirmed that she has recorded the song for the poem

“Hobla” (Pregnant), written by the late Lebanese poet Nizar Qabani. Many famous singers have declined to sing the poem due to its outrageous words.

According to Miriam she went into the studios of Rojeh Khoury and recorded the song, accompanied by producer Ayman Al Thahabi. A copy of the recording is with her, said Mariam.

Darine Hadchiti at the 2008 “Discover Syria” rally

Lebanese singer Dareen Hadchiti’s will film a music video clip for her latest song “Hobak Ghali” (You love is priceless).

The song has been given significant air-time on radio stations across the Arab World, ranking first place on several charts

The clip will be directed by Walid Nasif and will be filmed this month.

According to the London daily Elaph, Dareen will appear as the guest of honor at the 2008 “Discover Syria Rally,” starting April 16 in Damascus. Dareen will have the opportunity to meet her Syrian fans during the different stages of the rally.

This marks Dareen’s first live concert in Damascus, although she has given other live performances in Syria.

Dareen’s participation in the Syrian Rally is her first break from recording in several months.

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Somaya Al Khashab refuses to replace Laila Elwy

The Egyptian actress Somaya Al Khashab refused an offer from Rabab Hussein, the director of the television drama series “Laylat Al Ro’ya” (Vision Night), to play the leading role.

Somaya would have replaced the famous Egyptian actress Laila Elwi. Laila asked to be paid 5 million Egyptian pounds for the role.

Somaya did not go into detail as to why she refused the offer.

She is busy filming her own television drama series called “Salilat Al Hasab Wa Al Nasab” (The Heir of Rich Families). The new series is created by Muhammad Al Safti and directed by Majdi Abu Amirah.

Somaya plays the role of a woman whose father dies, and her uncle takes her inheritance. She tires to recover what her uncle has stolen throughout the series.

Sabreen on a crash diet

Egyptian actress Sabreen had to go on a crash diet before filming her upcoming television drama series, “Al Fanar,” directed by Khaled Bahjat.

Sabreen succeeded to loose ten kilograms.

She will star alongside famous Egyptian actors Izat Al Alali, Abeer Sabri and Ahmad Rateb in the new drama.

Sabreen has denied rumors that she took off her Hijab (Muslim women’s head covering) for the new role.

Sabreen said the new drama is set in the 1940’s. She plays the role of a young woman from Bor Saeed, Egypt. Women did not usually wear Hijabs around that time in Egypt, so Sabreen wore two fake braids under her head cover to look more realistic.

Eline Khalaf with a new single

Lebanese singer Eline Khalaf met with Lebanese distributor Hadi Shararah to put the final touches on her latest single “Farhat Ayni” (The Happiness of My Eyes), to be released soon.
The new song is written by Ahmad Madi and composed by Yehya Al Hasan.
According to the London daily Elaph, Elaine did not select the director for the music video clip for the song.
She will travel to Egypt to meet with production companies that she is considering.
Eline will travel to Morocco at the end of this month to host three live concerts.

Hanan Turk defends Shahinaz’s decision to wear a Hijab

The famous Egyptian actress Hanan Turk said that she has no influence over Egyptian actress Shahinaz’s decision to wear a Hijab (Muslim Women’s Head Covering).

“Such a daring decision is between a woman and God,” said Turk, “and no matter how close the relationship between two women, they can’t influence each other on making such a decision.”

Turk said that wearing a Hijab is a life-long commitment, and that it honors and has a positive effect on other women.

The news of Shahinaz’s decision to wear a Hijab has been circulating through the media. Rumors claim that Turk is the one who influenced her to wear it, after the two celebrities were seeing at religious gatherings. Many described Turk as ‘the preacher’ among celebrities.

Haifa Wahbi and Tamer Hosni sing for ‘Oscar’

According to the London daily Elaph, the ‘Oscar’ satellite channel had an agreement with Lebanese superstar Haifa Wahbi and Egyptian superstar Tamer Hosni to air live performances at the celebration marking the launching of the new channel officially.

The celebration will be held at the Chinese Garden in the International Seminar Hall in Cairo on April 28, known as Spring Day.

The president of the Oscar channel, Saber Abu Khashba said the celebration was the first of many to come featuring Arab singers. The channel will air a number of television drama series, an average of three series a day, said Abu Khashba.

The drama series “Awan Al Ward” (Flower Time) starting famous Egyptian actress Yusra and Hisham Abed Al Hamid, “Al Doo Al Shared” (Escaped Light) starting Mamdouh Abed Al Aleem and Muna Zaki and Korean drama series “Jawharit Al Qaser” (The Castle Jewel) will be among the first series to be shown on the new channel.

Monday, April 7, 2008

Mai Izz Al Deen paid one and a half million

The Egyptian actress Mai Izz Al Deen will be paid one and half million Egyptian pounds for her new role in the television drama series “Qadiyat Safyeh” (Safyeh’s Case), created by Ayman Salameh and directed by Ahmad Shafiq. mai

Yasir Jalal, Tareq Lutfi, Ahmad Khalil, Salah Abdullah and Hanan Mutaw’ will star in the new series alongside Mai.

Mai’s character lives in one of Egypt’s villages and after the death of her father she is shocked to find out that she has a brother that she never met. SHer greed pushes her to try and kill him, fearing he will take her father’s inheritance.
Director Mazen Al Jably has filed a lawsuit against Ahmad Albeeh, claiming that he stole the idea for the new film “Fatfotah” (Tiny), starring Mai.
Al Ably said that he was shocked when Albeeh took his idea it and offered Mai a role in the film.

Jala Fahmi on a hunger strike

The Egyptian artist Jala Fahmi, daughter of the late Egyptian director Ashraf Fahmi, is on a hunger strike for the tenth day in an effort to recover her inheritance from her father. Jala claims she is entitled to a share of the proceeds produced by her late father.
Jala’s strike has caused her problems with her blood circulation, but she intends to continue the strike until she recovers what is lawfully hers.

Jala said that she never granted satellite television channels, like ‘Rotana,’ permission to air her father’s films, except for the film “Al Khadima” (The Maid).
Jala claims that her stepmother Majida Hamida gave up the rights to her father’s films without consulting with Jala. Majida had two children with Jala’s father. They later divorced and she married Egyptian actor Hasan Husni.
Jala claims that her father left the rights to four of his films to his son and daughter with Majida, and the rest of his film were left to Jala and the rest of the family.
Jala went to the minister of communication in Egypt, Anas Al Fiqhi, but was not able to see him. Jala then reported her problem to the authorities but there has been no response to date.
She thought the strike might draw enough attention to her problem to force a solution.

Eline Khalaf, in Love with a younger man

Lebanese singer Elaine Khalaf recently appeared on the television entertainment show “Waqif Ya Zaman” (Time Stand Still), aired on the Lebanese satellite channel ‘LBC.’ elain
Host Wisam Baridi explored Elaine’s life story and her music career.

According to the London daily Elaph, Elaine talked about her first song “Ya Sababeen Al Shai” (You Who Pour Tea) that became a major hit in 1997.
Elainn said that her previous manger Jiji Lamara let her down when he decided to work with the famous Lebanese singer Nancy Ajram, instead of her.

Lamara’s decision damaged her singing career for a while, said Elaine.
On the show Elaine revealed that she is in love with a younger man. Previously, she also faced fierce rumors in the press regarding her love life.

Elaine will sign a new contract with an Egyptian production company in the near future.

Sunday, April 6, 2008

Midhat Saleh and Asala’s sister break engagement

The Egyptian singer Midhat Saleh announced that he has broken off his engagement to Amani, sister to Syrian singer Asala’s sister Amani, because Asala and her husband Tareq Al Aryan do not approve of the marriage.

On the entertainment show ‘paparazzi,’ Midhat said that he does not know if he still loves Amani, because there are so many problems between them.

Midhat’s voice seemed sad on the show. He said he would appreciate it if the audience gave him space, since he is going though a rough time. He declined to discuss any details of the break-up.

Ahmad Al Sharif creates commotion in Aleppo

Tunisian superstar Ahmad Al Sharif created uproar when a surplus of his fans arrived at the Sheraton in Aleppo Syria to see his performance.

According to the London daily Elaph,Over 800 fans were competing for only 400 seats.

The audience was thrilled with Ahmad’s performance. Fans of all ages danced to the beat of the songs “Badi Teer” (I Want To Fly), “Sahran Maak” (Staying Late With You) and “Twadana” (We Said Good Bye).

Grace Deeb not engaged

The Lebanese artist Grace Deeb has denied rumors that she got engaged. She was recently seen wearing a wedding ring on her right hand. Grace said that she is wearing the ring for spiritual reasons, and had the phrase “Expect Miracles” engraved on the ring.

Grace said if the rumor was true she would be very happy, and when she does get engaged, she will proudly have the name of her lover engraved on the ring.

Saturday, April 5, 2008

Amr Waked asked for a Director globally for "Antara Bin Shaddad"

Artist Amr Waked Ended of writing a new film entitled "Antara Bin Shaddad," and dreams Amr to be implemented this film as a special wish that he needed a huge production and a large number of stars for starred.

Amr Waked said : "nominate Yousra and Mahmoud Hemeida, Donia Nadeem for heroically" Antara "currently being negotiated with the company" Good News "for the production of film that requires a huge budget, and is scheduled to be assigned to get the film director foreigner."

He added: "If an agreement reached with the" Good News "allows the implementation of the movie as I imagine, in cooperation with the reserve, particularly as the film needs a large number of stars in addition to the global director for the implementation of this huge work."

He refused to talk about details of the movie, saying only that the work bears the words of substance and strong projection of reality in which we live.

"Harakat" Talaat Zakaria begin next June

The artist comedy Talaat Zakaria he was selected the month of June to begin his new photography "Said Harakat," after full recovery from a health indisposition undergone recently.

Talaat Zakaria said "No settles product Wael Abdullah" Oscar of production and distribution "of the film director, but two names nominated to be contracted with one and two Wael Ihsan and Saeed Hamid."

Zakaria added: "It will be a surprise" Said Harakat" my daughter Omaima engaged representation for the first time and made the role of the" delicious "in the movie, which is scheduled to introduce in the next Eid Al-Adha."

It is noteworthy that the film Talaat Zakaria recent "Tabakh El Rayes" currently participating in the festival, "International Film Tetouan, Morocco," and prevented Talat health conditions, and physiotherapy programme which it is subject, without attending the festival.

Bahaa Sultan judiciary needed to complete the contracting

North Cairo Court resolved the conflict between the producer Nasr Mahrous "company Free Music" and singer Bahaa Sultan, which failed all attempts to contain it amicably failed,

for the benefit of the product Nasr Mahrous
North Cairo Court rejected a lawsuit Bahaa Sultan, and the company accepted the lawsuit "Free Music" against him, and compelled him 2 Albums registration of the company, regardless of the expiration of the contract.

Surprisingly Bahaa Sultan, according to the newspaper "Ein" in its last issue, contact with the "Free Music" and told them to governance and congratulated them on resolving the battle for their benefit Crisis began several months ago.

when lifting Bahaa lawsuit against his company produced demanding cancellation of the contract between the editor of the end of its duration,

the company drove counsel turn brought a lawsuit required the implementation of items held Bahaa.

Bahaa signed with Nasr Mahrous in 2000 contract provides for the production of five albums the latest album "Kan Zaman" which was put forward in 2006, which was the dawn of the crisis when asked Bahaa Nasr Mahrous access to the rest of their dues, which is estimated at 250 thousand pounds,

after delays of Mahrous tell splendor that amount was deducted from the share of the company in the songs "Live", which made the splendor of recourse to the courts

Finally :
The Nasr Mahrous first discovered Bahaa Sultan and presented to the public, and has produced four albums and contributed arrived with him fame and Stardom

Friday, April 4, 2008

Jamal Salameh accuses a list of singers of stealing

Egyptian musician Jamal Salameh has filed a complaint against Lebanese singer Haifa Wahbi.
According to the London daily Elaph, Salameh accused Haifa of stealing the rhythm of a song that he composed, demanding the singer is banned from performing in Egypt until the case is settled.

The song, “Masir Ya Awal Noor Fe Al Donia Shaq Thalam Al Lail” (Egypt you are the first in the world to be a light through darkness), was written by Abed Al Rahman Al Abnodi.
Lebanese composer Jan Saliba suggested that Salameh only filed the suit to get back into the spotlight and to try and make money.
Salameh is furious with Saliba’s comments and refuses to respond.
Salameh has composed songs for many famous singers like Sabah, Samira Sa’ed, Fayza Ahmad, Safa Abu Al Soud, Yasmin Al Khayam, and Abdullah Rwaished.

Salameh claims that when he went to the Egyptian Opera House to hear the British singer Sami Yousif he discovered that Yousif had also stolen on of his songs, “LA Ilah Ila Allah” (There Is No Other God But God). He claims that when he confronted Yousif, the British singer apologized to him.
The list doesn’t stop at Haifa and Sami Yousif, Salameh has also accused Kathem Al Saher of stealing the rhythm of his song “Zideeni Eshqan” (Give Me More Love) from the song by Lebanese singer Majida Al Roumi “Samra Al Neel” (The Dark Nile).
Salameh also stated that Nancy Ajram stole the rhythm from his song “Ramadan Ramadan Wa Allah Biodah Ya Ramadan” for her song “Ya Salam,Ya Salam”.
He also made accusations against Fadel Shaker and Nicole Saba.

Carole Samaha glows in Qatar

After her play “Zanobia” in Beirut came to a close, Lebanese singer Carole Samaha traveled to Qatar to participate in the launching of a new line of cars.
According to the London daily Elaph, Carole hosted a live celebration at the Ritz Carlton hotel, and was thrilled by the enthusiasm of the guests. She performed a half hour longer than her scheduled time.

Carole glowed in a dress that was designed by Zuhair Murad. The Egyptian actress Bosi was one of the guests at the celebration and Carole welcomed her with a big hug and a kiss.
Carole left Qatar and traveled to Dubai to host a concert. She will end her tour in Egypt where she will perform at a private wedding before she returns to Lebanon.
Carole will return to Beirut in time for her appearance on the talent show “Star Academy.” Carole will sing her Egyptian song “Yama Layali” (So Many Nights) for the fist time on television.
The song was written by Muhammad Jomah, composed by Muhammad Rahim, and is distributed by Tamim and Hovaness K.
Carole just finished filming a video clip for the song with French director Terry Verne.

Asala part of the “Khaliji Stars”

Syrian singer Asala Nasri participated for the second year in the talent show “Nojoom Al Khaliji 2008” (Khalij “Gulf States” Stars 2008).
According to the London daily Elaph, Asala glowed on stage while performing her songs. She sang seven of her best songs straight, from her most recent albums “Hayati” (My Life) and her Khaliji Album “Sawaha Galbi” (My Heart Did It).

While Asala was singing her song “Aktar” (More) her son Khaled, known as “Loudi,” came up on stage and sang with his mother. Asala thanked him and announced that he had achieved his goal, to get up on stage and sing with his moth infront of a large crowd.
Khaled was seated next to his stepfather director Tareq Al Aryan.Asala dedicated one of the songs to her late father who she still misses. Asala said that she is preparing to release a new album and hopes that production company ‘Rotana’ will devote more attention to this album.

Madline Tabar at the Asfi Moroccan Film Festival

Actress Madline Tabar will be part of the judging committee at the sixth annual Asfi Moroccan Film Festival from March 31 until April 5.
The festival features a variety of Moroccan and international films in the competition.

According to the London daily Elaph, Madline said that she is pleased to be part of the festival and it will add to her career. She began acting in the seventies and has performed in Egypt, Syria and Lebanon.
The festival includes films from France, Swaziland, Canada, Romania, Algeria, Tunisia, Egypt, Lebanon, Senegal, and Mali. This year’s festival marks the 50th anniversary of the first Moroccan film.

Egyptian actors Nabila Obeid and Hasan Husni, as well as Syrian actor Ayman Zidan and the French actor John Pierre McCoy expect to receive awards.

Amal Hijazi calls out to the moon

Lebanese singer Amal Hijazi has released a new album called “Keef Al Amar” (How’s The Moon) featuring ten songs.
The album is Amal’s comeback after a two-year absence. Amal’s last album “Baya’ Al Ward” (Flower Seller), produced by music production company ‘Rotana’ was released in 2006.
According to the London daily Elaph, Amal is working with ‘Rotana’ on a marketing campaign for her new album, under the logo “Amolah” (a nickname for Amal). Ads will being airing on various radio stations and television channels in the next few days.
Amal appears on the cover of the new album in a photographer taken by David Abdullah.

Jomanah Murad regrets “Feminine Moments”

Stars of the film “Lahthat Onutha” (Feminine Moments) are blaming each other for what has been dubbed a failure, after the film did poorly at the box office.

Syrian actress Jomanah Murad blamed the director Munis Al Shorbaji for omitting what she felt was an important scene. Jomanah also claims that he needlessly sexualized her appearance in one scene.

Jomanah said that she will never work with the director again.

Al Shorbaji said that he filmed Jomanah’s scenes only with her permission and certainly cannot force her to act against her will. The director adds that he was filming in front of a filming crew and cameras unlike a photograph where he would take it and go.

“Feminine Moments” is created by Hani Issa and directed by Munis Al Shorbaji. The film also stars Ola Ghanem, Jomanah Murad, Ibrahim Yusri, ‘Star Academy’ singer Mira, and opera singer Ajfan.

The film revolves around four female friends who were separated by their jobs and traveling, yet faith brings them back together to face their problems together.