Monday, April 21, 2008

Madline Matar rediscovers herself

Lebanese artist Madline Matar is almost done making her first film “Akher Kalam” (Last Talk) with Egyptian actors Hasan Husni and the child-star Mina.

The new film is written by Muhammad Hifthi, directed by Akram Farid and is produced by Al Sabki. Madline plays the role of a singer in the film, which is a comedy. Filming is scheduled to be complete in the next two weeks.

Rumors claim that Madline's role was first given to the famous Lebanese singer Haifa Wahbe. Madeline said hat it is possible since both singers work for the same production company. Madline said that she had many sessions with the director and the writer and they all have adjusted the film to make it fit for her.

According to the London daily Elaph, Madline is pleased that Al Sabki has given her a leading role and that he believes in her talent. Madline is optimistic about her role. She will sing two songs in the film “Al Qalab Al Tayeb” (Good Heart) and “Bibasata” (Simply).

Madline may move from Egypt to Beirut, because she misses her hometown. She will travel between Beirut and Cairo till the film is released in theaters.

Madline is working on a new album. She recorded two songs in Cairo, one classical and the other fast-beat. So far Madline is paying o record her songs, and will select a production company in the future. She has received two different offers from production companies so far, one Egyptian.
Madline will hold a concert in Sharm Al Sheikh, Egypt in May.

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