Thursday, April 17, 2008

The only woman in Tamer Hosny’s life

The Egyptian superstar Tamer Husni put an end to the rumors that link him to different women.

Several rumors claim that he is engaged or even married.

“It is not true, the only woman in my life is my mother,” said Tamer, she has always been there for me.

Tamer said that he rarely attends private celebrations. He devotes his time to his work, whether preparing for a film or composing a new song.

Tamer will perform at several charity concerts in various Egyptian cities. The proceeds will be donated to the infirm and the needy.

“My main concern today is to sing for issues that affect the public,” said Tamer.
Tamer is working on his latest film “Captain Hima,” written by Ahmad Abed Al Fatah and directed by Naser Mahrous. Ahmad Rateb, Zainah, Marwah Abed Al Minim and Ahmad Zaher also play leading roles in the new film.

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