Tuesday, June 10, 2008

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Angham finally divorced

On May 29 the Egyptian artist Angham officially divorced her husband Fahed, the Kuwaiti music distributor.

Fahed made several attempts to repair their marriage, but Angham insisted on the divorce.

According to the London daily Elaph, Angham said that she truly believes their divorce is the right thing for her and her son Abed Al Rahman. She said that Fahed treated her badly throughout their two year marriage.

She also said that Fahed was jealous of her success.

Most of the successful songs on her albums were distributed by her ex-husband Fahed, which means that he too is part of the success.

Source : http://albawaba.com/en/entertainment/229051

Mustafa Qamar accused of not paying taxes

A Cairo court is investigating Egyptian artist Mustafa Qamar to see if he still owes unpaid taxes.

He was previously accused of owing 180,000 Egyptian pounds in unpaid taxes to Egyptian tax authorities. 65,000 Egyptian pounds are for his private songs and 115,000 Egyptian pounds for his films.

Qamar is getting ready to launch his new album this season, produced by “Alam AL Fan” (World OF Art) Production Company.

Qamar worked poets Amir Taymah, Muhammad Atef, Rida Zayed and Amro Al Jarem on the album. He also worked with the composers Rami Jamal, Muhammad Yehya, Amro Mustafa and composed two of the songs himself.

Source : http://albawaba.com/en/entertainment/229048

Shaza competes with Angham And Sherine

Young Egyptian artist Shatha has released her new album “Layali” (Nights).
She appeared on the most recent episode of the entertainment show “Paparazzi,” aired on ‘Modern TV’ satellite channel. The show was taken off the air temporarily.

At the beginning of the show Shatha thanked the owner of “Alam Al Fan Mazika” Production company, Muhsin Jaber, who produced her new album.

Shatha is grateful to Mushin for standing by her side when she was having problems with her previous production company. Her album produced by the previous company failed.

According to the London daily Elaph, Shatha has been compared to her colleague and friend May Salim, yet she sees herself more like the Egyptian singers Angham and Shireen.

She focuses more on the singing rather than the performances, said Shatha.
She worked with a dance group on her last clip filmed in Lebanon and directed by Fadi Haddad.

Shatha said that she respects the opinion of Muhsin Jaber since he has a history of working with well-known singers like the late Fayza Ahmad, Wardah, Mayada, Amro Diab and Samira Saeed.

She also said that she is proud to be part of the ‘Alam Al Fan’ production company.

Source : http://albawaba.com/en/entertainment/229047

Thursday, June 5, 2008

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Haifa survives and Assi decides not to sing

Over 750 Lebanese citizens came to a recent concert at the “Riyad Al Sulih” fields, to hear the famous Lebanese singers Assi Hilani ana Haifa Wahbi perform.

According to the London daily Elaph, Haifa wore a T-shirt with a picture of President Michael Suleiman and the Lebanese flag on the front.

The crowd went wild over the songs and they began pushing to get closer.

Over 60 people fainted and parts of the stage as well as sound equipment were damaged. Assi Hilani had to cancel part of his performance to ensure the safety of the audience.

Despite what happened, Assi promised to sing once more in the center of Beirut for his beloved fans.

Nancy and Fadel together

Life re-entered the center of Beirut last week with the new celebration called “The Center of Beirut Stars.”

The first night featured live concerts held by superstars Nawal Al Zoghbi and Ragheb Alameh.

The second night the adorable singer Nancy Ajram and singer Fadel Shaker performed. Nancy sang the song “Lebanon.”

The festival was held by the ‘Solidare’ Company and sponsored by the Middle East Bank. The aim of the event was to re-attract tourists to Lebanon.

According to the London daily Elaph, Nancy said that she was very pleased to participate in the event and she congratulated Lebanon and the Lebanese people. Nancy has not sung in her beloved country since New Years Eve.

Nancy also said that she is happy to be home and hopes that Lebanon will be prosperous once more.

Nancy’s upcoming album will be in stores within a month. She has not decided on a name for the new album. She is getting ready to film a video clip for a song from the new album with the Lebanese director Saeed Al Marouq.

As for her upcoming concerts, Nancy says that since Lebanon is safe once again she will be touring in various towns in Lebanon and hosting concerts.

The summer season will be a busy time for Nancy. She will travel to Syria, Jordan, the Gulf States, Tunisia, Morocco, Egypt and Europe to hold concerts.

Najwa Karam talks to Beirut

Lebanese singer Najwa Karam will not perform in the center of Beirut, however, she will open her heart to her beloved city.

According to the London daily Elaph, Najwa will appear as a guest on the entertainment show “Al Araab,” aired Friday nights on MBC with the Lebanese host Nishan. Najwa will appear on the entertainment show to state her opinion regarding the Lebanese crisis.

The famous singer Majida Al Romi also appeared as a guest on “Al Araab” to reveal how she felt about the political situation in Lebanon and to gain support for a resolution.

Najwa will appear on the concluding episode of the first season of “Al Araab.”

The show had its ups and downs because of the crisis in Lebanese, since many guests had to cancel and were replaced at the last minute. However, the show continued to air from Beirut as a commitment to Lebanon.

Najwa has postponed launching her latest album, to be released by the production company ‘Rotana.’

Rula Saed still angry at her mother

The Lebanese singer Rula Saed attacked her mother fiercely, calling her unfit to be a role model.

Rula’s criticism of her mother is not new. When her father died, her mother remarried and left Rula and her sister.

Rula refused to comment about the Egyptian fashion designer Bahij Hussein, who accused her of stealing over US$20,000 worth of clothing. Although Rula did say that the Egyptian designer was trying to use her to get attention.

The Lebanese legend Sabah has expressed her support for Rula.

Rula said that she is grateful to have the opportunity to work with such a great singer.

Celebrities disapprove of Al Saher’s voice

The Lebanese musician Melhim Barakat revealed to “Al Jaras” newspaper, that the voice of the famous Iraqi singer Kathem Al Saher “is at a standstill.”

The Saudi singer Muhammad Abdoh also criticized Al Saher’s voice on “Al Araab” entertainment show. “If only his voice will get better,” said Abdoah, referring Al Saher.

Al Saher’s loyal fans have created and launched a website for Al Saher, where they can see their beloved singer interviews, concerts and clips.

Al Saher was recently named the “Ambassador of Peace” by the International Peace Association. Al Saher received the award in Australia during his convert tour in Sydney, drawing a large number of the Arab community there.

Al Saher said that he was thrilled to receive the award.

Nawal Al Zoghbi and Ragheb Alameh host celebration in the center of Beirut


Beirut is again full of life and happiness. For the past 18 months life has been unstable in Lebanon
due to the political crisis.

Disputes between parties put the country on the brink of civil war. Just weeks later music can be heard coming from caf├ęs and shops on the streets of Beirut.
The Solidare Company decided to host three major concert celebrations in the center of Beirut his week, featuring Lebanese superstars Nawal Al Zoghbi and Ragheb Alameh on the first night.

“The center of Beirut suffered the most, and it is the responsibility of every Lebanese citizen to encourage tourists to return,” said Nawal.

According to the London daily Elaph, Nawal told Elaph that like all Lebanese people she is filled with joy since security has returned to Beirut.

Nawal was in Doha for a concert performance during the summit between Lebanese and other politicians from the Arab World to resolve the crisis in Lebanon.

Everyone in Lebanon should focus their energy in rebuilding Lebanon and improving the economy, said Nawal. Improving the living standards of all Lebanese citizens will stop them from immigrating to other countries, she added.

Amr Diab in Morocco after a long absence

Egyptian superstar Amer Diab hosted a successful concert at the “Mowazin Festival” in the Moroccan capital Al Rabat.

When Diab appeared on stage the crowds welcomed him with loud cheers. The last time Diab held a live concert in Morocco was in 1991.

Diab sang a beautiful collection of his new and old songs, as the audience sang along. Diab appeared with a new look in front of over 80,000 fans.

According to the London daily Elaph, the Moroccan channel covered the event and said Diab is considered the number one music artist in the Arab world.

Rania Shawqi, a Journalist fighting corruption

Egyptian actress Rania Shawqi, the daughter of the late actor Farid Shawqi, has started filming the new television drama series “Dmoo Al Qamar” (Tears of the Moon).

According to the Qatari daily Al Rayah, Rania plays the role of a journalist that reports on corruption, and receives death threats from the people she exposes.

She is spending a week trailing criminal reporters at a major newspaper to learn their techniques in investigating high profile officials accused of criminal activity to prepare for the role.

The Lebanese artist Nour will co-star with Rania in the new drama which is scheduled to be aired on a number of satellite channels this coming Ramadan season. The series is written by Majdi Salem and directed by Isam Shaban. The series also stars Riyad Al Kholi, Abeer Sabri, Hatem Tho Al Faqar, Hayatem, Jamal Isamil, and Khaled Mahmoud.

“Baby Doll Night” screened at the Cannes Festival

The Egyptian film “Baby Doll Night” was screened at the Cannes Film Festival in France.

The famous actor Omar Al Sharif and journalists Amro Adeeb and Osama Munir were present.

A party was held for the new film at the beachfront Carlton Hotel.

There were posters of stars form the new Egyptian film plastered all over the hotels in Cannes to advertise for the screening.

The magazine ‘French Film’ featured a photograph of a war tank and sexy “baby doll” nightgown on the cover page.

“Baby Doll Night” had one of the highest budgets in the Egyptian film history. The film stars famous Egyptian actors Nour Al Sharif, Mahmoud Abed Al Aziz, Rateb Jamil, Laila Elwi and Ezat Abu Oof, as well as Syrian actors Jamal Suleiman and Solaf Fawakhirji.

The director of the film Adel Adeeb, the son of the late writer Abed Al Hai Adeeb, said that he returned to directing after a nine year absence to finish what his father started. “Baby Doll Night” is the last scenario that his father wrote before his death.

Lebanese artist Nicole Saba and Egyptian actress Ola Samir Ghanem play silent roles in the film.

The production company “Good News” produced “Baby Doll Night.” The company previously had two other films screened at the Cannes Film Festival, “Amarat Yaqouban” (Yaqouban’s Building), staring the famous Egyptian comedian Adel Imam, and “Halim,” staring the late actor Ahmad Zaki.