Thursday, June 5, 2008

Nawal Al Zoghbi and Ragheb Alameh host celebration in the center of Beirut


Beirut is again full of life and happiness. For the past 18 months life has been unstable in Lebanon
due to the political crisis.

Disputes between parties put the country on the brink of civil war. Just weeks later music can be heard coming from caf├ęs and shops on the streets of Beirut.
The Solidare Company decided to host three major concert celebrations in the center of Beirut his week, featuring Lebanese superstars Nawal Al Zoghbi and Ragheb Alameh on the first night.

“The center of Beirut suffered the most, and it is the responsibility of every Lebanese citizen to encourage tourists to return,” said Nawal.

According to the London daily Elaph, Nawal told Elaph that like all Lebanese people she is filled with joy since security has returned to Beirut.

Nawal was in Doha for a concert performance during the summit between Lebanese and other politicians from the Arab World to resolve the crisis in Lebanon.

Everyone in Lebanon should focus their energy in rebuilding Lebanon and improving the economy, said Nawal. Improving the living standards of all Lebanese citizens will stop them from immigrating to other countries, she added.

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