Thursday, June 5, 2008

Celebrities disapprove of Al Saher’s voice

The Lebanese musician Melhim Barakat revealed to “Al Jaras” newspaper, that the voice of the famous Iraqi singer Kathem Al Saher “is at a standstill.”

The Saudi singer Muhammad Abdoh also criticized Al Saher’s voice on “Al Araab” entertainment show. “If only his voice will get better,” said Abdoah, referring Al Saher.

Al Saher’s loyal fans have created and launched a website for Al Saher, where they can see their beloved singer interviews, concerts and clips.

Al Saher was recently named the “Ambassador of Peace” by the International Peace Association. Al Saher received the award in Australia during his convert tour in Sydney, drawing a large number of the Arab community there.

Al Saher said that he was thrilled to receive the award.

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