Friday, May 30, 2008

Mohamed Mounir - Taam El Beyout

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Shaza - Layali

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Rotana VA - Rotana Acadmy 1

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01.Sib Awhamak - Dani Mkhayel
02.Ma Bbref - Georges Nakhl
03.Nassi - Mireille Hamdan
04.Law Mouchtakli - Naji Osta
05.Layali Baadak - Dolssima Semaan
06.Maa Eni Bhebak - Maya Ramadan
07.Mil Ya Shok - Karim Abdel Malak
08.Elli Kif - Rabih Aljamil
09.Aghla Hababi - Talal Bacha

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01.Sib Awhamak - Dani Mkhayel
02.Ma Bbref - Georges Nakhl
03.Nassi - Mireille Hamdan
04.Law Mouchtakli - Naji Osta
05.Layali Baadak - Dolssima Semaan
06.Maa Eni Bhebak - Maya Ramadan
07.Mil Ya Shok - Karim Abdel Malak
08.Elli Kif - Rabih Aljamil
09.Aghla Hababi - Talal Bacha

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01.Sib Awhamak - Dani Mkhayel
02.Ma Bbref - Georges Nakhl
03.Nassi - Mireille Hamdan
04.Law Mouchtakli - Naji Osta
05.Layali Baadak - Dolssima Semaan
06.Maa Eni Bhebak - Maya Ramadan
07.Mil Ya Shok - Karim Abdel Malak
08.Elli Kif - Rabih Aljamil
09.Aghla Hababi - Talal Bacha

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Doumniqe Hourani - Kermalek Ya Doumniqe

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Ragheb Alama - Ba'sha'ak

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Tamer Seif - Habiby Ana

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Myriam Fares - Bet'oul Eih

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Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Nawal steals the spotlight from politicians in Qatar

Lebanese superstar Nawal Al Zoghbi stole the spotlight from the Lebanese politicians as soon as she arrived at the Sheraton Hotel in Doha, Qatar. A meeting between Lebanese and other Arab politicians was scheduled to discuss the Lebanese crisis and to look for a solution.

Coincidentally, Nawal had signed a contract two months ago to host a concert at the same hotel.

According to the London daily Elaph, Nawal met a number of Lebanese politicians at the hotel and asked them to reach an agreement for the Lebanese people.

Various satellite channels covering the event sought an interview with the superstar to find out her views regarding the meeting.

Nawal said, "It's enough and the Lebanese people have had more than enough," said Nawal. She will support the party that finds a solution to the crisis and achieves peace and security for the Lebanese people.

Meanwhile, Commerce Bank and the Verdan Car Company held a music party for Qatari working women, called "Hikayati Ma Al Zaman" (My Story with the Past). The Lebanese superstar Nawal Al Zoghbi was invited to sing at the celebration alongside the Lebanese "Rimah" Dancing group. A press conference was held at the Commerce Bank building for the Lebanese singer with the workers at the Verdan Car Company and journalists from Qatar and other Arab countries. The Lebanese artist thanked both parties for making her part of their annual celebration.

The celebration was sponsored by "Verdan Jewelry" and held at the Sheraton in Doha. During the celebration there was a jewelry show for the latest designs in jewelry and watches.

Suzan Nejim TV co-host

Syrian actress Suzan Nejim, who has accomplished great success in a number of acting roles, is turning toward co-hosting where she'll be filming a new entertainment program for the Dubai satellite channel. The new show which is called "Jar Al Mashhoor" (The Celebrity Neighbor) is set to be aired during the upcoming Ramadan season.

Suzan will appear as a television co-host for the first time. She will interview first class celebrities from across the Arab world in music, art, acting, poetry, literature, sports and many other fields.

There will be 52 episodes of the show and every star will take part in a contest during the show and if they win their prize will be an apartment in the Celebrity Tower at the Sheikh Zayed Street in Dubai.

Suzan said that she likes to take part in a variety of projects because they add to her accomplishments.

Najwa Sultan returns with the one she loves

The same amazing Najwa Sultan who rocked the music scene with her last album "Maly Malo" (I have nothing to do with him) is all set for a big come-back with an eagerly awaited new album.

This is her 7th album, following the earlier successful ones, which has won her a wide audiences cutting across all age groups and genders.

A fantastic album with rich content, a very attractive voice & outstanding music production is what "Elly Bahebo" (The one I love) is all about!

The highlights include:

- "Elly Bahebo": 1st single, huge buzz built when this track was serviced to the radios and a fantastic high-budget video getting heavy rotation on major TV channels.

- "Ouyon El Maha": a haunting ballad, this is the kind of track that makes you freeze when you listen to it!

- "Ahou Ahou": one of the most radio/club friendly tracks in the album, just PLAY IT LOUD!

- "Ehtegag": this upbeat Lebanese pop track has all what needs to set the dance floor on fire remixed by the owned Elie Attieh

- "Ya Habiby Dob": the closing track: where Na@�����8@��� outstanding skills in performing the Egyptian song.

Track listing is as follows:

No Song

1. Elly Bahebo

2. Fek Haga

3. Ouyon El Maha

4. Ehtegag

5. Eny Ya Laly

6. Ahou Ahou

7. Ya Habiby Dob

8. Elly Bahebo (Video)

Monday, May 26, 2008

Muhammad Rahim busy with “Girls in their thirties”

Young Egyptian composer Muhammad Rahim has produced some of the most recent successful Egyptian songs.

He has recently begun singing, and is now working on a number of theme songs for different television and cinema, especially after his song for the television drama series “Qadiyet Rai Am” (Case of Public Opinion), aired last Ramadan season, was positively received.

The young composer is working on the theme song for the new television drama series “Banat Fel Thalatheen” (Girls in Their Thirties). The series is created by Muna Nour Al Deen and directed by Tayseer Aboud. It will star Tawfiq Abed Al Hamid, Yaser Jalal, Muhammad Wafiq, Mina Fadli and Siham Jalal. The series revolves around a number of girls that are in their thirties that are still looking for Mr. Right to marry.

According to the London daily Elaph, the Rahim just finished the them song for the television drama series “Romant Al Mizan” (Pomegranate Of The Scale) that was created by Fathyeh Al Asal and directed by Amal Asad. The series stars the famous Egyptian actress Bosi and co-stars Sami Al Adel, Sameh Al Sariti, Riyad Al Kholi and Ahmad Khalil.

The young composer has also signed a new contract to work on the drama series “Khas Jidan” (Extremely Private) that was written by Tamer Habib and wil be directed by Jordanian Muhammad Azizah. The new series will star the famous actress Yusra.

Rahim has completed the theme song and the main song of the film “Al Rayes Omar Harb” (President Omar Harb), directed by Khaled Yousif. The film wil be released in theaters this summer season.

Rahim has also completed his first album to be distributed by “Alam Al Fan” Production Company. He financed the production himself. He composed all ten songs on the album. The songs for his first album were written by the poets Ikram Al Asi, Hani Abed Al Karim, Ayman Bahjat and Amir Taymah.
The album will be released in July.

Diana Haddad in Morocco

Lebanese superstar Diana Haddad will leave Dubai and travel to Morocco to participate in the “Mawazeen” festival in Al Rabat. Over 40 countries will participate in the festival.

The first concert will be held on May 17 with the Syrian singer Asala Nasri. Lebanese singer Nancy Ajram will perform on May 18.

The third concert will be held by the Lebanese singer Fadel Shaker on May 20, and May 21 is set for the famous Egyptian superstar Amer Diab. Diana Haddad is scheduled right after Diab and the Tunisian singer Saber Al Ribaie will be host the final concert on May 23.

According to the London daily Elaph, Diana is preparing for her new album, mostly sung in the Khaliji dialect. She is working hard to have the album in stores by next month.

Nawal and Masari sing for love in Lebanon

The second to last episode of the music talent show “Star Academy” set forth a positive image of Lebanon and how the Lebanese people are full of life.

Lebanese singer Diana Haddad was supposed to be the guest of honor, but since the airport was closed in Beirut due to the crisis, the show had to invite Lebanese superstar Carole Samaha. Graduates of “Star Academy’s” previous season like Shatha Hasoon and Josef Atyeh also filled in spots.

During the episode before last the airport was still closed; therefore, no guest from outside of Lebanon could be invited and organizers of the show invited Lebanese singer Nawal Al Zoghbi who couldn’t turn them down.

According to the London daily Elaph, Nawal said that the Lebanese people will find a way to get through this rough time out of love for their country.

The Canadian Lebanese artist Masari managed to come to Lebanon to appear on the show, despite the crisis. He asked the Lebanese people to maintain peace.

Nawal performed her song “Albi Isaloh” (Ask My Heart) with the Egyptian contestant Shahinaz. Then she sang a remix of her song “Gheeb Ani Gheeb” (Stay Far Stay). Nawal then returned once more with Shahinaz to sing “Mishtalak” (I Miss You).

Masari and the contestant Nader performed the songs “Real Love,” “Say You Love Me” and “Be Easy.”

Nawal arrived the night before the show went on air with her three children. They sat among the audience during the show.

Nawal also filmed a video clip for her song “Sho Hal Alb” (What Kind Of Heart Is this) from her new album with the director Toni Qahwaji on the Academy stage. The song will be aired on LBC channel soon.

Doliseema releases first song

According to the London daily Elaph, the Lebanese singer Doliseema has filmed a video clip for her first song “Layali Badak” (The Nights when you are far), written by Ahmad Abed Al Nabi and composed by Jad Mhana. The video clip was directed by Claude Barakat.

The director Calude Barakat wanted Doliseema to carve her way to stardom with her only weapon her voice.

She was successful in portraying a love story in the new clip.

Doliseema is one of nine singers who were chosen by ‘Rotanan’ to produce an album for each artist. The group is known as the “Rotana Academy.”

Miyar films “The neighbor’s son”

Moroccan artist Miyar will release a new solo single called “Ibn Al Jiran” (The Neighbor’s Son).

The song was written by Yousif Suleiman and composed and distributed by Nader Zalzali. The song is taken from Egyptian folklore and was filmed it into a music video clip in Dubai with the director Muhammad Al Khatib. The song will soon be aired on various music satellite channels.

According to the London daily Elaph, Miyar has also recorded two new songs that were written and composed by Saeed Shaqiqi, which she says will be a surprise for her fans.

Mina Fadali sends warnings

The young actress Mina Fadali sent the producer May Mashal a warning through her lawyer for not starting to film her new movie “Lailat Hob Akhirah” (Last Love Night).

She sent another warning to Abed Al Wahed Al Ashri, the producer of the film “Isalini Ana” (Ask Me), requesting that her name be prominently listed in the film credits since she is the leading star.

Mina is starting in two other films, “The Dealer” with Egyptian actors Ahmad Al Saqa, Khaled Al Nabawi and May Salim. The film was written by Dr. Midhat Al Adel and directed by Ahmad Saleh.

The second film is a comedy called “Ma Fish Faydah” (It’s Hopeless) with the Egyptian singer Mustafa Qamar. The actors Edward and Khairyeh Ahmad will also star in the film, directed by Hatem Farid.

Saturday, May 24, 2008

George Wassouf welcomed in Montreal

Lebanese superstar George Wasouf arrived in Montreal from Beirut. Al Wasouf had a long journey to reach Canada due to the airport closures in Beirut. First he traveled to Syria and then to Jordan, and finally he flew to Canada.

According to the London daily Elaph, the star of the music talent show “Star Academy,” Shatha Hasoon was unable to leave Lebanon.

There were hundreds of fans waiting for Al Wasoof at the airport in Montreal. Yousif Harb, president of the “Star On Tour” company, organized Al Wasouf’s music tour in Canada and the United states.

Maroun Shamoun, the manager of “Future Art” group, also contributed to the Montreal tour.

After Montreal Al Wasouf wil travel to Toronto, and then on to the United States where he will host a number of concerts.

Nelly Karim will not quit

The Egyptian artist Nelly Karim denied rumors that she will quit show business for a year to raise her daughter Cilia.

Nelly has started filming the new drama series “Nasim Al Rouh” (A Breeze of the Soul), to be aired on various satellite channels during the month of Ramadan.
Nelly plays the role of ‘Ward’ and her father is played by Riyad Al Kholi. The new series will also star Mustafa Shaban, Tawiq Abed Al Hamid, Fadya Abed Al Ghani, Halah Sodqi, Omar Wakid and Abed Al Rahman Abu Zahrah.

The series was created by Yusri Al Jundi and directed by Samir Saif.

Mohammad Qamah releases new single

The star of the fourth season of music talent show “Star Academy,” Muhammad Qamah, is getting ready to release a new solo single before releasing of his first album.

The new song is written by Baha Al Deen Muhammad and composed and distributed by Hani Yaqoub. Husam Al Husseini wil direct the music video clip for the song.

According to the London daily Elaph, Qamah has put together a band that will perform with him in various Egyptian cities.

The production company “Goodnews For Music” had signed a contract with the new star to produce his albums.

Qamah said that it will help him continue his success which he achieved through the talent show “Star Academy.” He was surprised how much producer Ahmad Al Dasoqi knew about him through the talent show and that he was a fan as well, added Qamah.

“Ded Al Tayar” on air despite crisis

The cast and crew of the entertainment show “Ded Al Tayar” (Against the Currents) will film new episodes of the show’s second season, despite the crisis in Beirut. The producers of the show, aired on Rotana channel, insist they will broadcast from Beirut as long as they are able.

One episode was filmed with the Lebanese model Sabeen Nahas, the wife of the famous Lebanese businessman Eli Nahas, who was accused of facilitating prostitution in France.

According to the London daily Elaph, Sabeen talked about the latest development in the case against her husband. She said that her husband is being framed, because certain people want to damage his reputation.
The show is hosted by Wafaa Kilani.

Sunday, May 18, 2008

Haifa defines being seductive

The Lebanese superstar Haifa Wahbe said that she has made sure her dance movements in her music video clips are not seductive.

“I only move to the music and nothing more,” said Haifa.

Critics have charged Haifa of trying to use her body to sell her video clips.
Haifa also said that she has respect for the cultures and traditions of the countries in which she performs.

Haifa announced that she will star in a European film.

She said it has always been her dream to appear in the Egyptian cinema. Haifa also revealed that she received an offer to star alongside the famous Egyptian actor Omar Al Sharif.

Haifa held a live concert in Bahrain at the beginning of May, despite attempts by the Bahraini parliament to ban her from entering the country.

Ahlam sings for Al Jismi

Emirati singer Ahlam has begun recording the songs for her upcoming album, to be released by production company ‘Rotana’ this summer.

Emirati singer Hussein Al Jismi will contribute to the album. It will include a song he composed.
According to the London daily Elaph, Ahlam will also work with a number of composers and poets like Naser Al Saleh, Muhammad Bodlih, Abdullah Al Jasim, Abdullah Al Qoud and the Qatari composer Al Faisal. She is also working with the poets Mansour Al Shadi, Al Wawan, Abdullah Bodlah and Awad Nafaa.

The Saudi poet Saud Al Shrbtli wrote two songs for the ablum called “Walaoh” (Fired Him Up) and “Akher Akhbar” (Latest News). They were composed by Abdullah Al Qoud, a judge from the “Superstar” music talent show.

Ahlam will sing at the conclusion of the show “Al Youlih,” aired on Dubai satellite channel. She will sing the song “Awareekom Feeh” (I’ll Show Him), written by Masaed Al Shamrani and composed by the Kuwaiti artist Faisal Al Rashed. A different version of the song was featured on her previous album.

Ahlam is residing in Qatar with her husband and recently gave birth to a baby boy.

Razan Maghrabi is hurt by what is happening in Lebanon”

Lebanese artist Razan Al Maghrabi is living in despair over what is happening in Lebanon.

According to the London daily Elaph, Razan affirmed her solidarity with the Lebanese people and decided to stop performing until Lebanon is stable. She has refused to participate in many celebrations held in Egypt and other parts of the Arab world. She also requested that her clip for the song “Maktoob Li Ahwak” (It’s my faith to love you), filmed in Al Ain Al Sakhnah in Lebanon, be taken off the air.

Razan confessed, tears streaming down her face that it is impossible for her to sing while her country is suffering. She also said that she is praying to God to alleviate this crisis.

“I am tied to the television screen watching satellite channels that are covering the Lebanese crisis,” said Razan. “I am afraid for my sister and mother who live in the heart of Beirut, in the middle of the crisis.” They have been unable to come and join Razan in Cairo.

Razan said that she is pleased with Egypt’s support for the Lebanese people. She has called on all Arab people and the Arab press to denounce this crisis.
“I will serve my country till it comes out of this crisis,” said Razan.

Haifa Wahbi in Lebanon despite chaos

Lebanese superstar Haifa Wahbi was frantically trying to contact her mother and sister who live in downtown Beirut after Hezbollah occupied parts of the city.

Rumors claim that Haifa has left Lebanon.

According to the London daily Elaph, Haifa’s press representative told Elaph that Haifa is still in Lebanon and wishing for peace in Lebanon.

Elaph called Haifa and she reported that she is like other Lebanese artists who are stuck in their homes in Beirut. Lebanese artist Jowana Malah is staying in a shelter under her apartment building.

Haifa has been in Lebanon since the crises erupted. Hezbollah forces closed all roads leading to her house in the Verdun area. Haifa said that she and her family are following the crises on television, just like the rest of the Lebanese people.

During the war between Israel and Lebanon in the summer of 2006 Haifa had to leave Beirut for her safety.

Cinderella, “I don’t use my body to sell my clips”

Young Egyptian artist Cinderella just finished recording eleven songs for her new album.

She worked on the album with a number of young, talents, like the poets Khaled Taj Al Deen, Abeer Al Razaz, Jamal Kholi, Hasan Atyeh, Wisam Sabri and Nader Abdullah. As for the composers, Cinderella worked with Muhammad Rahim, Walid Shraqi, Tamer Ali, Nader Nour and Hanil Nabil. The songs on the album are distributed by Majdi Dawood and Khaled Nabil.

According to the London daily Elaph, Cinderella’s new album will be released by the end of July. This will be her last album produced by the company “Mira Star,” which produced her first album “Balak Mashghool” (Your Mind Is Busy). She is still not sure about the name of the album.

Cinderella has been trying to stay away from the press, especially after she released her music video clip for the song “Low Ayez Eh” (If You Want Anything). She said that her father passed away and she felt unstable and depressed after his death. She was staying at home alone until a group of her close friends helped to relieve her misery. She has since resumed work on her music to move on with her lif

Cinderella said that she “can’t be categorized with the female singers that sing almost naked in their video clips to sell their music.” She said that she has the ability to succeed using her strong voice without using her body. “I am satisfied with what I have accomplished,” she added. Cinderella began playing the flute and then went on to study acting and drama at the Art and Theater College for two years, but she did not finish her degree since it was conflicting with her performances.

Solaf Fawakhirji: “We can’t separate politics from our lives”

Syrian actress Solaf Fawakhirji just filmed the last episode of the television drama series “Youm Momter Akhar” (Another Rainy Day) with the Syrian director Rasha Sharbaji.

According to the London daily Elaph, the series, about everyday problems in life was written by Yem Mashhadi and features 30 episodes.
Solaf plays the role of “Khazama,” the wife of “Joud,” played by the Syrian actor Qosai Kholi. Her character is deeply affected by her childhood in her adult life.

The new series features a number of personalities that encounter daily conflicts and problems, which accumulate and eventually affect the community. The story focuses on the middle class and their affairs.

The series also touches on political issues, because as Fawakhirji accurately said, “we can’t separate politics from our daily lives.”

The director Rasha Sharbaji’s last drama series “Ghozlan Fe Ghabat Al Thiab” (Deer in Wolves Forest) also featured conflicting political issues.
The series revolves around two families. One of the characters ‘Amar,’ played by Wael Ramadan, is searching for a new job.

Other actors in the new series include Solafah Mimar, Maksim Khalil, Laura Abu Asad, and Qamar Khalaf.

Saturday, May 10, 2008

Mohamed Mounir's new smash hit album

EMI Music Arabia is proud to announce the release from the ICONIC Egyptian legend Mohamed Mounir.

Now after more than 25 years of tremendous success in his musical & acting career, Mounir is back with his spiritual music & touching voice to treat his fans with his eagerly awaited album

His crossover music made him one of the most famous Arabic artists worldwide; his huge fan base includes all ages criteria. The longevity of his career and the diversity of his music styles made him enjoy an incomparable success in the Arabic music scene

The highlights include:

- “Yunis” opening track & “Taht El Yassmina”: are upbeat Egyptian pop tracks that have all the ingredients to set a dance floor on fire.
- Title Track “Taam El Biyout” is a very catchy tune that is going to be another big Hit; you will certainly love this one!

- “Naygiri Beh”: don’t miss this! The Nuba TUNE (Traditional Upper Egypt Dance!) this is a one-of-its-kind, set to be the wedding song of the season!
- “Yobo El Ra’iyya”: one of the most radio/club friendly tracks in the album, just PLAY IT LOUD!

The album is certainly an added success to the artist’s rich repertoire, and a must have album for his countless fans as well as Arabic music lovers worldwide

TAAM EL BIYOUT: One of the biggest releases of the season!

Track listing is as follows:

No Song
1. Yunis
2. Mesh Mehtag Atoub
3. Men Gheir Kusouf
4. Taam El Biyout
5. Yobo El Ra’iyya
6. Maaki
7. Kan Fadel
8. Naygiri Beh
9. Lezaman
10. Taht El Yassmina
11. Soaal
12. Yunis “Music”

Diana Karazon turns to acting

Jordanian singer Diana Karazon, the winner of the first season of the talent show “Superstar,” is getting ready to enter the world of acting.

According to the London daily Elaph, Diana will star in the new television drama series “Mukhalafat Al Zawabe Al Akhirah” that is created by Jamal Naji and produced by the ‘Arab Press Producing Center.’

Filming will start at the beginning of May and a number of Jordanian and Syrian actors will star in the series, like Abeer Shams Al Deen, Rana Al Abyad, Nabil Al Mashini and Akif Nijem.

Diana will play the leading role in the series that revolves around a young man from the village who falls in love with a young gipsy woman.

Najwa Karam “Music career and marriage don’t agree with each other”

Lebanese singer Najwa Karam recently appeared as a guest on the entertainment show “Mahatat” (Stations), aired on “Al Arabiya” satellite channel.

During the show Najwa talked about her music career and that she started when she was 18-years old. She said that she wanted to quit several times, but persevered.

According to the London daily Elaph, Najwa is known for her traditional Lebanese songs, sung in the Lebanese dialect. She has tired to add different styles to Arabic music.

Najwa also talked about money, power and her opinion on marrying an artist.
Najwa has led a unique and successful music career, yet when it comes to marriage, Najwa said that “marriage and art don’t agree with each other.”

Najwa is enthusiastic about recording the songs for her new album, to be released by the end of May. She has worked with a number of composers, like Imad Shams Al Deen, Wisam Al Amir, Nizar Francis and the famous musician Melhim Barakat.

Carole sings ‘Ali’

Carole Samaha’s last music video “Yama Layali” (So Many Nights), sung in the Egyptian dialect, was a success.

Carole has just finished recording another new song called “Ali,” written by Abed Al Aziz Amar, composed by Muhammad Rahim, and distributed by Havaness.

The young composer Muhammad Rahim was very pleased to work with the Lebanese superstar. He also composed the song “Yama Layali” for Carole.
According to the London daily Elaph, Muhammad Rahim declined to reveal more details about the new song “Ali,” fearing it might be illegally copied before its release.

The Egyptian ministry of culture has decided to open the play “Zanobia,” staring Carole in July. A new theater in Cairo will be built especially for the production, measuring over 70,000 square-feet.

The Lebanese artists Ghasan Saliba and Antwan Karbaj will also star in the play alongside a cast of 150 actors and dancers.

The play also features a number of horses and camels.

“Zanobia” was written by Mansour Al Rahabani and directed by Marwan Al Rahabani. The story revolves around the life of the Tadmor queen “Zanobia,” focusing on the last five years of her life, when her rule ended and she was sentenced to prison.