Sunday, May 18, 2008

Cinderella, “I don’t use my body to sell my clips”

Young Egyptian artist Cinderella just finished recording eleven songs for her new album.

She worked on the album with a number of young, talents, like the poets Khaled Taj Al Deen, Abeer Al Razaz, Jamal Kholi, Hasan Atyeh, Wisam Sabri and Nader Abdullah. As for the composers, Cinderella worked with Muhammad Rahim, Walid Shraqi, Tamer Ali, Nader Nour and Hanil Nabil. The songs on the album are distributed by Majdi Dawood and Khaled Nabil.

According to the London daily Elaph, Cinderella’s new album will be released by the end of July. This will be her last album produced by the company “Mira Star,” which produced her first album “Balak Mashghool” (Your Mind Is Busy). She is still not sure about the name of the album.

Cinderella has been trying to stay away from the press, especially after she released her music video clip for the song “Low Ayez Eh” (If You Want Anything). She said that her father passed away and she felt unstable and depressed after his death. She was staying at home alone until a group of her close friends helped to relieve her misery. She has since resumed work on her music to move on with her lif

Cinderella said that she “can’t be categorized with the female singers that sing almost naked in their video clips to sell their music.” She said that she has the ability to succeed using her strong voice without using her body. “I am satisfied with what I have accomplished,” she added. Cinderella began playing the flute and then went on to study acting and drama at the Art and Theater College for two years, but she did not finish her degree since it was conflicting with her performances.

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