Sunday, May 18, 2008

Solaf Fawakhirji: “We can’t separate politics from our lives”

Syrian actress Solaf Fawakhirji just filmed the last episode of the television drama series “Youm Momter Akhar” (Another Rainy Day) with the Syrian director Rasha Sharbaji.

According to the London daily Elaph, the series, about everyday problems in life was written by Yem Mashhadi and features 30 episodes.
Solaf plays the role of “Khazama,” the wife of “Joud,” played by the Syrian actor Qosai Kholi. Her character is deeply affected by her childhood in her adult life.

The new series features a number of personalities that encounter daily conflicts and problems, which accumulate and eventually affect the community. The story focuses on the middle class and their affairs.

The series also touches on political issues, because as Fawakhirji accurately said, “we can’t separate politics from our daily lives.”

The director Rasha Sharbaji’s last drama series “Ghozlan Fe Ghabat Al Thiab” (Deer in Wolves Forest) also featured conflicting political issues.
The series revolves around two families. One of the characters ‘Amar,’ played by Wael Ramadan, is searching for a new job.

Other actors in the new series include Solafah Mimar, Maksim Khalil, Laura Abu Asad, and Qamar Khalaf.

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