Saturday, May 10, 2008

Mohamed Mounir's new smash hit album

EMI Music Arabia is proud to announce the release from the ICONIC Egyptian legend Mohamed Mounir.

Now after more than 25 years of tremendous success in his musical & acting career, Mounir is back with his spiritual music & touching voice to treat his fans with his eagerly awaited album

His crossover music made him one of the most famous Arabic artists worldwide; his huge fan base includes all ages criteria. The longevity of his career and the diversity of his music styles made him enjoy an incomparable success in the Arabic music scene

The highlights include:

- “Yunis” opening track & “Taht El Yassmina”: are upbeat Egyptian pop tracks that have all the ingredients to set a dance floor on fire.
- Title Track “Taam El Biyout” is a very catchy tune that is going to be another big Hit; you will certainly love this one!

- “Naygiri Beh”: don’t miss this! The Nuba TUNE (Traditional Upper Egypt Dance!) this is a one-of-its-kind, set to be the wedding song of the season!
- “Yobo El Ra’iyya”: one of the most radio/club friendly tracks in the album, just PLAY IT LOUD!

The album is certainly an added success to the artist’s rich repertoire, and a must have album for his countless fans as well as Arabic music lovers worldwide

TAAM EL BIYOUT: One of the biggest releases of the season!

Track listing is as follows:

No Song
1. Yunis
2. Mesh Mehtag Atoub
3. Men Gheir Kusouf
4. Taam El Biyout
5. Yobo El Ra’iyya
6. Maaki
7. Kan Fadel
8. Naygiri Beh
9. Lezaman
10. Taht El Yassmina
11. Soaal
12. Yunis “Music”

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Ahmed said...

EMI meen ya 3amm ???
"Taam El Boyout" is produced by Alam El Phan & Mazzika - Mohsen Gaber.