Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Najwa Sultan returns with the one she loves

The same amazing Najwa Sultan who rocked the music scene with her last album "Maly Malo" (I have nothing to do with him) is all set for a big come-back with an eagerly awaited new album.

This is her 7th album, following the earlier successful ones, which has won her a wide audiences cutting across all age groups and genders.

A fantastic album with rich content, a very attractive voice & outstanding music production is what "Elly Bahebo" (The one I love) is all about!

The highlights include:

- "Elly Bahebo": 1st single, huge buzz built when this track was serviced to the radios and a fantastic high-budget video getting heavy rotation on major TV channels.

- "Ouyon El Maha": a haunting ballad, this is the kind of track that makes you freeze when you listen to it!

- "Ahou Ahou": one of the most radio/club friendly tracks in the album, just PLAY IT LOUD!

- "Ehtegag": this upbeat Lebanese pop track has all what needs to set the dance floor on fire remixed by the owned Elie Attieh

- "Ya Habiby Dob": the closing track: where Na@�����8@��� outstanding skills in performing the Egyptian song.

Track listing is as follows:

No Song

1. Elly Bahebo

2. Fek Haga

3. Ouyon El Maha

4. Ehtegag

5. Eny Ya Laly

6. Ahou Ahou

7. Ya Habiby Dob

8. Elly Bahebo (Video)

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