Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Suzan Nejim TV co-host

Syrian actress Suzan Nejim, who has accomplished great success in a number of acting roles, is turning toward co-hosting where she'll be filming a new entertainment program for the Dubai satellite channel. The new show which is called "Jar Al Mashhoor" (The Celebrity Neighbor) is set to be aired during the upcoming Ramadan season.

Suzan will appear as a television co-host for the first time. She will interview first class celebrities from across the Arab world in music, art, acting, poetry, literature, sports and many other fields.

There will be 52 episodes of the show and every star will take part in a contest during the show and if they win their prize will be an apartment in the Celebrity Tower at the Sheikh Zayed Street in Dubai.

Suzan said that she likes to take part in a variety of projects because they add to her accomplishments.

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