Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Nawal steals the spotlight from politicians in Qatar

Lebanese superstar Nawal Al Zoghbi stole the spotlight from the Lebanese politicians as soon as she arrived at the Sheraton Hotel in Doha, Qatar. A meeting between Lebanese and other Arab politicians was scheduled to discuss the Lebanese crisis and to look for a solution.

Coincidentally, Nawal had signed a contract two months ago to host a concert at the same hotel.

According to the London daily Elaph, Nawal met a number of Lebanese politicians at the hotel and asked them to reach an agreement for the Lebanese people.

Various satellite channels covering the event sought an interview with the superstar to find out her views regarding the meeting.

Nawal said, "It's enough and the Lebanese people have had more than enough," said Nawal. She will support the party that finds a solution to the crisis and achieves peace and security for the Lebanese people.

Meanwhile, Commerce Bank and the Verdan Car Company held a music party for Qatari working women, called "Hikayati Ma Al Zaman" (My Story with the Past). The Lebanese superstar Nawal Al Zoghbi was invited to sing at the celebration alongside the Lebanese "Rimah" Dancing group. A press conference was held at the Commerce Bank building for the Lebanese singer with the workers at the Verdan Car Company and journalists from Qatar and other Arab countries. The Lebanese artist thanked both parties for making her part of their annual celebration.

The celebration was sponsored by "Verdan Jewelry" and held at the Sheraton in Doha. During the celebration there was a jewelry show for the latest designs in jewelry and watches.

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