Monday, May 26, 2008

Muhammad Rahim busy with “Girls in their thirties”

Young Egyptian composer Muhammad Rahim has produced some of the most recent successful Egyptian songs.

He has recently begun singing, and is now working on a number of theme songs for different television and cinema, especially after his song for the television drama series “Qadiyet Rai Am” (Case of Public Opinion), aired last Ramadan season, was positively received.

The young composer is working on the theme song for the new television drama series “Banat Fel Thalatheen” (Girls in Their Thirties). The series is created by Muna Nour Al Deen and directed by Tayseer Aboud. It will star Tawfiq Abed Al Hamid, Yaser Jalal, Muhammad Wafiq, Mina Fadli and Siham Jalal. The series revolves around a number of girls that are in their thirties that are still looking for Mr. Right to marry.

According to the London daily Elaph, the Rahim just finished the them song for the television drama series “Romant Al Mizan” (Pomegranate Of The Scale) that was created by Fathyeh Al Asal and directed by Amal Asad. The series stars the famous Egyptian actress Bosi and co-stars Sami Al Adel, Sameh Al Sariti, Riyad Al Kholi and Ahmad Khalil.

The young composer has also signed a new contract to work on the drama series “Khas Jidan” (Extremely Private) that was written by Tamer Habib and wil be directed by Jordanian Muhammad Azizah. The new series will star the famous actress Yusra.

Rahim has completed the theme song and the main song of the film “Al Rayes Omar Harb” (President Omar Harb), directed by Khaled Yousif. The film wil be released in theaters this summer season.

Rahim has also completed his first album to be distributed by “Alam Al Fan” Production Company. He financed the production himself. He composed all ten songs on the album. The songs for his first album were written by the poets Ikram Al Asi, Hani Abed Al Karim, Ayman Bahjat and Amir Taymah.
The album will be released in July.

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