Sunday, May 18, 2008

Razan Maghrabi is hurt by what is happening in Lebanon”

Lebanese artist Razan Al Maghrabi is living in despair over what is happening in Lebanon.

According to the London daily Elaph, Razan affirmed her solidarity with the Lebanese people and decided to stop performing until Lebanon is stable. She has refused to participate in many celebrations held in Egypt and other parts of the Arab world. She also requested that her clip for the song “Maktoob Li Ahwak” (It’s my faith to love you), filmed in Al Ain Al Sakhnah in Lebanon, be taken off the air.

Razan confessed, tears streaming down her face that it is impossible for her to sing while her country is suffering. She also said that she is praying to God to alleviate this crisis.

“I am tied to the television screen watching satellite channels that are covering the Lebanese crisis,” said Razan. “I am afraid for my sister and mother who live in the heart of Beirut, in the middle of the crisis.” They have been unable to come and join Razan in Cairo.

Razan said that she is pleased with Egypt’s support for the Lebanese people. She has called on all Arab people and the Arab press to denounce this crisis.
“I will serve my country till it comes out of this crisis,” said Razan.

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