Sunday, May 18, 2008

Ahlam sings for Al Jismi

Emirati singer Ahlam has begun recording the songs for her upcoming album, to be released by production company ‘Rotana’ this summer.

Emirati singer Hussein Al Jismi will contribute to the album. It will include a song he composed.
According to the London daily Elaph, Ahlam will also work with a number of composers and poets like Naser Al Saleh, Muhammad Bodlih, Abdullah Al Jasim, Abdullah Al Qoud and the Qatari composer Al Faisal. She is also working with the poets Mansour Al Shadi, Al Wawan, Abdullah Bodlah and Awad Nafaa.

The Saudi poet Saud Al Shrbtli wrote two songs for the ablum called “Walaoh” (Fired Him Up) and “Akher Akhbar” (Latest News). They were composed by Abdullah Al Qoud, a judge from the “Superstar” music talent show.

Ahlam will sing at the conclusion of the show “Al Youlih,” aired on Dubai satellite channel. She will sing the song “Awareekom Feeh” (I’ll Show Him), written by Masaed Al Shamrani and composed by the Kuwaiti artist Faisal Al Rashed. A different version of the song was featured on her previous album.

Ahlam is residing in Qatar with her husband and recently gave birth to a baby boy.

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