Monday, May 26, 2008

Mina Fadali sends warnings

The young actress Mina Fadali sent the producer May Mashal a warning through her lawyer for not starting to film her new movie “Lailat Hob Akhirah” (Last Love Night).

She sent another warning to Abed Al Wahed Al Ashri, the producer of the film “Isalini Ana” (Ask Me), requesting that her name be prominently listed in the film credits since she is the leading star.

Mina is starting in two other films, “The Dealer” with Egyptian actors Ahmad Al Saqa, Khaled Al Nabawi and May Salim. The film was written by Dr. Midhat Al Adel and directed by Ahmad Saleh.

The second film is a comedy called “Ma Fish Faydah” (It’s Hopeless) with the Egyptian singer Mustafa Qamar. The actors Edward and Khairyeh Ahmad will also star in the film, directed by Hatem Farid.

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