Thursday, June 5, 2008

Najwa Karam talks to Beirut

Lebanese singer Najwa Karam will not perform in the center of Beirut, however, she will open her heart to her beloved city.

According to the London daily Elaph, Najwa will appear as a guest on the entertainment show “Al Araab,” aired Friday nights on MBC with the Lebanese host Nishan. Najwa will appear on the entertainment show to state her opinion regarding the Lebanese crisis.

The famous singer Majida Al Romi also appeared as a guest on “Al Araab” to reveal how she felt about the political situation in Lebanon and to gain support for a resolution.

Najwa will appear on the concluding episode of the first season of “Al Araab.”

The show had its ups and downs because of the crisis in Lebanese, since many guests had to cancel and were replaced at the last minute. However, the show continued to air from Beirut as a commitment to Lebanon.

Najwa has postponed launching her latest album, to be released by the production company ‘Rotana.’

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