Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Shaza competes with Angham And Sherine

Young Egyptian artist Shatha has released her new album “Layali” (Nights).
She appeared on the most recent episode of the entertainment show “Paparazzi,” aired on ‘Modern TV’ satellite channel. The show was taken off the air temporarily.

At the beginning of the show Shatha thanked the owner of “Alam Al Fan Mazika” Production company, Muhsin Jaber, who produced her new album.

Shatha is grateful to Mushin for standing by her side when she was having problems with her previous production company. Her album produced by the previous company failed.

According to the London daily Elaph, Shatha has been compared to her colleague and friend May Salim, yet she sees herself more like the Egyptian singers Angham and Shireen.

She focuses more on the singing rather than the performances, said Shatha.
She worked with a dance group on her last clip filmed in Lebanon and directed by Fadi Haddad.

Shatha said that she respects the opinion of Muhsin Jaber since he has a history of working with well-known singers like the late Fayza Ahmad, Wardah, Mayada, Amro Diab and Samira Saeed.

She also said that she is proud to be part of the ‘Alam Al Fan’ production company.

Source : http://albawaba.com/en/entertainment/229047

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