Thursday, June 5, 2008

Rania Shawqi, a Journalist fighting corruption

Egyptian actress Rania Shawqi, the daughter of the late actor Farid Shawqi, has started filming the new television drama series “Dmoo Al Qamar” (Tears of the Moon).

According to the Qatari daily Al Rayah, Rania plays the role of a journalist that reports on corruption, and receives death threats from the people she exposes.

She is spending a week trailing criminal reporters at a major newspaper to learn their techniques in investigating high profile officials accused of criminal activity to prepare for the role.

The Lebanese artist Nour will co-star with Rania in the new drama which is scheduled to be aired on a number of satellite channels this coming Ramadan season. The series is written by Majdi Salem and directed by Isam Shaban. The series also stars Riyad Al Kholi, Abeer Sabri, Hatem Tho Al Faqar, Hayatem, Jamal Isamil, and Khaled Mahmoud.

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