Thursday, June 5, 2008

“Baby Doll Night” screened at the Cannes Festival

The Egyptian film “Baby Doll Night” was screened at the Cannes Film Festival in France.

The famous actor Omar Al Sharif and journalists Amro Adeeb and Osama Munir were present.

A party was held for the new film at the beachfront Carlton Hotel.

There were posters of stars form the new Egyptian film plastered all over the hotels in Cannes to advertise for the screening.

The magazine ‘French Film’ featured a photograph of a war tank and sexy “baby doll” nightgown on the cover page.

“Baby Doll Night” had one of the highest budgets in the Egyptian film history. The film stars famous Egyptian actors Nour Al Sharif, Mahmoud Abed Al Aziz, Rateb Jamil, Laila Elwi and Ezat Abu Oof, as well as Syrian actors Jamal Suleiman and Solaf Fawakhirji.

The director of the film Adel Adeeb, the son of the late writer Abed Al Hai Adeeb, said that he returned to directing after a nine year absence to finish what his father started. “Baby Doll Night” is the last scenario that his father wrote before his death.

Lebanese artist Nicole Saba and Egyptian actress Ola Samir Ghanem play silent roles in the film.

The production company “Good News” produced “Baby Doll Night.” The company previously had two other films screened at the Cannes Film Festival, “Amarat Yaqouban” (Yaqouban’s Building), staring the famous Egyptian comedian Adel Imam, and “Halim,” staring the late actor Ahmad Zaki.


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