Saturday, April 5, 2008

Amr Waked asked for a Director globally for "Antara Bin Shaddad"

Artist Amr Waked Ended of writing a new film entitled "Antara Bin Shaddad," and dreams Amr to be implemented this film as a special wish that he needed a huge production and a large number of stars for starred.

Amr Waked said : "nominate Yousra and Mahmoud Hemeida, Donia Nadeem for heroically" Antara "currently being negotiated with the company" Good News "for the production of film that requires a huge budget, and is scheduled to be assigned to get the film director foreigner."

He added: "If an agreement reached with the" Good News "allows the implementation of the movie as I imagine, in cooperation with the reserve, particularly as the film needs a large number of stars in addition to the global director for the implementation of this huge work."

He refused to talk about details of the movie, saying only that the work bears the words of substance and strong projection of reality in which we live.

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