Thursday, April 17, 2008

Amal Maher sings with Midhat Saleh

The president of ‘Kawakib’ (Planets) magazine, Fawzi Ibrahim has invited singer Amal Maher and Egyptian singer Midhat Saleh to perform at a celebration for the magazine’s 76th anniversary on May 14 at the Egyptian Opera House.

Last year’s celebration was hosted by Egyptian singers Hani Shaker and Shireen Abed Al Wahab.

According to the London daily Elaph, Amal will sing a collection of her famous songs like “Feh Eh Beenak O Benha” (What Is between You and Her), “Is’lini Ana” (Ask Me), and “Mish Rage’ Tani” (I’m Not Coming Back). Midhat Saleh will perform select songs from his latest album “Albi Be Khatar” (My Heart in Danger) and some of his older tunes.

President Ibrahim, also a well-know writer, said that he is pleased the yearly celebration has become a success among the magazine’s readership.

The famous magazine was established during the 1930’s and was initially distributed free with the “Musawer” magazine. It was later distributed on its own in the 1940’s. Ever since, the magazine has been popular in Egypt and throughout the Arab world.

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