Thursday, April 17, 2008

Elissa advertises for album on “El Beit Beitak”

Lebanese signer Elissa appeared as a guest on the entertainment program “Al Beit Beitak” (The House is yours), hosted by Egyptian journalist Mahmoud Saed.

According to the London daily Elaph, Elissa’s appearance on the show is her first since the release of her latest album “Ayami Beek” (My days with you), that has ranked first place since its release.

Elissa explained that she is in love with the Egyptian dialect and that “it is just like the Lebanese dialect” for her, although she finds it difficult to sing the Khaliji “Gulf countries” dialect.

Elissa said that she chooses her songs according to her own feelings and emotions, and when she likes what she hears she goes for it.

At the beginning of her career Elissa appeared in several musicals. She hoped to be discovered for her singing voice, over her ability to act.

She also talked about how a famous Lebanese director who didn’t believe in her talent and how he had canceled their contract a short while after signing it.

Elissa believes that a good video clip is what makes a song successful. She has yet to film a video clip for any of the songs from her new album.

Elissa recently received the World Music Award. She asserted that she deserved the award. Rumors claimed that she had paid money to receive the award.

Elissa loves living in Lebanon. “I will never leave,” she said.

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