Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Haifa Wahbi and Tamer Hosni sing for ‘Oscar’

According to the London daily Elaph, the ‘Oscar’ satellite channel had an agreement with Lebanese superstar Haifa Wahbi and Egyptian superstar Tamer Hosni to air live performances at the celebration marking the launching of the new channel officially.

The celebration will be held at the Chinese Garden in the International Seminar Hall in Cairo on April 28, known as Spring Day.

The president of the Oscar channel, Saber Abu Khashba said the celebration was the first of many to come featuring Arab singers. The channel will air a number of television drama series, an average of three series a day, said Abu Khashba.

The drama series “Awan Al Ward” (Flower Time) starting famous Egyptian actress Yusra and Hisham Abed Al Hamid, “Al Doo Al Shared” (Escaped Light) starting Mamdouh Abed Al Aleem and Muna Zaki and Korean drama series “Jawharit Al Qaser” (The Castle Jewel) will be among the first series to be shown on the new channel.

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