Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Hanan Turk defends Shahinaz’s decision to wear a Hijab

The famous Egyptian actress Hanan Turk said that she has no influence over Egyptian actress Shahinaz’s decision to wear a Hijab (Muslim Women’s Head Covering).

“Such a daring decision is between a woman and God,” said Turk, “and no matter how close the relationship between two women, they can’t influence each other on making such a decision.”

Turk said that wearing a Hijab is a life-long commitment, and that it honors and has a positive effect on other women.

The news of Shahinaz’s decision to wear a Hijab has been circulating through the media. Rumors claim that Turk is the one who influenced her to wear it, after the two celebrities were seeing at religious gatherings. Many described Turk as ‘the preacher’ among celebrities.

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