Monday, April 7, 2008

Mai Izz Al Deen paid one and a half million

The Egyptian actress Mai Izz Al Deen will be paid one and half million Egyptian pounds for her new role in the television drama series “Qadiyat Safyeh” (Safyeh’s Case), created by Ayman Salameh and directed by Ahmad Shafiq. mai

Yasir Jalal, Tareq Lutfi, Ahmad Khalil, Salah Abdullah and Hanan Mutaw’ will star in the new series alongside Mai.

Mai’s character lives in one of Egypt’s villages and after the death of her father she is shocked to find out that she has a brother that she never met. SHer greed pushes her to try and kill him, fearing he will take her father’s inheritance.
Director Mazen Al Jably has filed a lawsuit against Ahmad Albeeh, claiming that he stole the idea for the new film “Fatfotah” (Tiny), starring Mai.
Al Ably said that he was shocked when Albeeh took his idea it and offered Mai a role in the film.

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