Monday, April 7, 2008

Jala Fahmi on a hunger strike

The Egyptian artist Jala Fahmi, daughter of the late Egyptian director Ashraf Fahmi, is on a hunger strike for the tenth day in an effort to recover her inheritance from her father. Jala claims she is entitled to a share of the proceeds produced by her late father.
Jala’s strike has caused her problems with her blood circulation, but she intends to continue the strike until she recovers what is lawfully hers.

Jala said that she never granted satellite television channels, like ‘Rotana,’ permission to air her father’s films, except for the film “Al Khadima” (The Maid).
Jala claims that her stepmother Majida Hamida gave up the rights to her father’s films without consulting with Jala. Majida had two children with Jala’s father. They later divorced and she married Egyptian actor Hasan Husni.
Jala claims that her father left the rights to four of his films to his son and daughter with Majida, and the rest of his film were left to Jala and the rest of the family.
Jala went to the minister of communication in Egypt, Anas Al Fiqhi, but was not able to see him. Jala then reported her problem to the authorities but there has been no response to date.
She thought the strike might draw enough attention to her problem to force a solution.

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