Sunday, April 27, 2008

Assi Hilani replaces Asala with Shayma

Lebanese singer Assi Hilani intended to sing a song with the Syrian singer Asala Nasri. He later changed his mind and decided to replace Asala with the “Star Academy” star Shayma.

The song will be released solo, before the Assi’s next album.

According to the London daily Elaph, the new song is called “Weenak” (Where Are You?), written by Ahmad Madi, composed by Haitham Ziad and distributed by Toni Saba. Assi and Shayma filmed a video clip for “Weenak” with the famous Lebanese director Saeed Marouq.

First, Assi will release his other solo single “Yemkin” (Maybe), written by Nizar Francis and composed by Assi Hilani himself.

The idea of releasing a solo single before releasing an album is a trend that Assi started almost a year and a half ago. He released a number of solo songs before releasing his last album “Daqat Albi” (My Heart’s Beat).

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