Sunday, April 27, 2008

Latifa says goodbye to ‘Rotana’

The production company “Yala Fan” (Come on Art) is opening an office in Beirut, despite the unstable security and economic conditions. The new office will open in the Verdan area in the heart of Beirut.

According to the London daily Elaph, Khaled Agha, the former marketing director of ‘Rotana’ is part of the new staff, along with Iraqi Yousif Rasho and American Patrick Stevens.

Khaled Agha explained that “” will be one of the first internet sites in the Arab World that aims to connect Arab artists to their fans.

Khaled Agha also said that “Yala Fan” is a way of communication for the new generation to download songs and vote for their favorite songs.

“Yala Fan” thinks that now is the time for solo singles and not albums, since album sales are decreasing. “Yala Fan” also aims to connect the Arab community throughout the world, as well as music lovers in countries outside the Arab World.

Kuwaiti singer Shams is said to be the first artist to sign with the company.
The Tunisian singer Latifa also signed with “Yala Fan” after talks failed between her and ‘Rotana.’ Latifa’s last album, “Malomat Akidah” was a great success with ‘Rotana.’

Khaled Agha said that “Yala Fan” doesn’t compete with ‘Rotana’ because it is digital and might work with other production companies.
The new company will hold celebrations in Beirut and Dubai this June.

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