Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Asala postpones acting and hopes to be pregnant

Syrian singer Asala Nasri will perform a new duet with the young singer Rami Sabri on her upcoming album.

The new duet will be called “Mish Faker Leek” (I Don’t Remember About You.” The new album will also include the song “Infarij An Nafsak” (Ease Yourself), written by Khaled Taj Al Deen and composed by Khaled Iz.

On the other hand, Asala’s first cinema project has been postponed until the end of this year. She said that she hopes to be pregnant when she starts filming, because there are scenes n which her character is pregnant.

According to the London daily Elaph, Asala talked about her last performance at the “Hala Febryer” (Welcome February) festival that was held in Kuwait.

She was please by her success and surprised by the enthusiasm of the audience when she sang the songs from her latest album “Sawaha Albi” (My Heart Did It).

Asala has recorded more than 40 songs so far and she will choose the best of them to include on her new album. She was hoping that it would be released around her birthday on Mat 15th, but she thinks that the music production company ‘Rotana’ will release it in June.

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