Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Ola Ghanem refuses the role of a lesbian

Egyptian actress Ola Ghanem will play a role in the upcoming film “Alaqat Sakhina” (Seductive Relationships), directed by Munis Al Shorbaji.

Ola denies rumors that the film is about two lesbian women who are in love, but rather a story of a friendship between two women. One is wealthy and played by Ola Ghanem, and the other is poor and played by the Lebanese singer Dolly Shaheen.

Ola said that she can never play such a role, and that she chooses her films very carefully.

Ola is filming a television drama series called “Misk Al Laik” (The Night Scent), written by Noor Al Deen and directed by Muhmmad Al Naqli. Actors Izat Al Alayli, Mahmoud Qabeel, Abeer Sabri, Nada Basyouni and Muhammad Al Shaqanqiri also star in the series. The series revolves around the life style of powerful businessmen who are able to determine and interfere in politics.

She will appear a film called “Thil Al Muhareb” (The Worrier Shadow), also starring staring Hisham Salim.

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