Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Hiba Al Sisi denies appearing in sex scenes

The Egyptian actress Hiba Al Sisi has denied that she filmed sex scenes for her latest film “Dunia Al Lail” (Night Life), which is currently being shown in movie theaters.

Al Sisi said that every time that she appears in a new film rumors starts to spread about her that she appears in sex scenes, asking for those spreading the rumors to produce the actual scenes.

She also said that people like to spread these rumors about her because she was named Miss Egypt.

“Night Life” is a romantic and action film that reveals the secrets of night life. It also talks discusses how young men try to get rich quick, and how young women are often abused.

“Night Light” also stars Muhammad Al Khalie, Dunia Al Masri and Osama Raouf.
The film was created by Salah Rahim and directed by Fikri Abed Al Aziz.

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