Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Haifa denies rumors of marrying an Egyptian businessman

Lebanese superstar Haifa Wahbi has denied rumors that she married an Egyptian businessman.

A recent article in one of the tabloids claimed that the singer married Egyptian businessman Ahmad Abu Hashimah, who owns an iron factory in Egypt. The article said that Haifa met Abu Hashimah in Dubai at an Amr Diab’s concerts.

Haifa was seen with Abu Hashimah on a ship on the Nile in the Al Zamalik area of Cairo, and Abu Hashimah also held a party in celebration of Haifa’s birthday.

Other rumors claim that Haifa’s daughter has gotten engaged. Haifa responded that it is shameful to spread news about her daughter who is only 11- years old.

A representative from the Algerian parliament has called for Haifa to be banned from singing and even entering Algeria. He claimed that Haifa has been banned from entering other Arab countries due to the fact that her style is considered to be inappropriate.

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