Saturday, April 5, 2008

Bahaa Sultan judiciary needed to complete the contracting

North Cairo Court resolved the conflict between the producer Nasr Mahrous "company Free Music" and singer Bahaa Sultan, which failed all attempts to contain it amicably failed,

for the benefit of the product Nasr Mahrous
North Cairo Court rejected a lawsuit Bahaa Sultan, and the company accepted the lawsuit "Free Music" against him, and compelled him 2 Albums registration of the company, regardless of the expiration of the contract.

Surprisingly Bahaa Sultan, according to the newspaper "Ein" in its last issue, contact with the "Free Music" and told them to governance and congratulated them on resolving the battle for their benefit Crisis began several months ago.

when lifting Bahaa lawsuit against his company produced demanding cancellation of the contract between the editor of the end of its duration,

the company drove counsel turn brought a lawsuit required the implementation of items held Bahaa.

Bahaa signed with Nasr Mahrous in 2000 contract provides for the production of five albums the latest album "Kan Zaman" which was put forward in 2006, which was the dawn of the crisis when asked Bahaa Nasr Mahrous access to the rest of their dues, which is estimated at 250 thousand pounds,

after delays of Mahrous tell splendor that amount was deducted from the share of the company in the songs "Live", which made the splendor of recourse to the courts

Finally :
The Nasr Mahrous first discovered Bahaa Sultan and presented to the public, and has produced four albums and contributed arrived with him fame and Stardom

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