Monday, April 21, 2008

Kazem Al Saher meets with Wardah

Famous Iraqi singer Kathem Al Saher finished recording a new children's song “Bithrit Amal” (A Seed of Hope) at the ‘Aghani Dubai Studios.’ The new song is written by Muhammad Al Deeb and composed by Al Saher. It is distributed by Amro Abed Al Aziz and the mix is done by Ali Hamed.

According to the London daily Elaph, Al Saher has given the famous Syrian singer Mayada Al Hinawi, who participated with him on the same episode of “Al Araab” entertainment show, permission to sing the song “Ashkik Limeen”(Who can I complain to?) The song is composed by Al Saher and was written by the late Egyptian legend Muhammad Abed Al Wahab.

Al Saher has renewed his contract with the music production company ‘Rotana.'

For the time being Al Saher is staying in Egypt to work on recording songs for his new album. The new album will be in the Iraqi style.

Al Saher has a very busy schedule this summer. He will perform for his Iraqi fans on May 2nd and 4th in Arbeel. He will be joined in Iraq by the Syrian singer Asala Nasri and Lebanese singer Dina Hayek. On May 8th he’ll host a concert at the Conference Palace in Abu Dhabi with the Lebanese singer Rula Saed.

Al Saher has filmed a video clip for the song “Farashit Ramel Al Baher” (Butterfly of the ocean’s sand) with an Australian director. He will travel to Melbourne on May 8th to film the clip and will host three concerts in Sidney on the 16th, 17th and 18th of May.

Al Saher took advantage of his stay in Egypt and went to visit the famous signer Wardah Al Jazairyeh to work on their new duet together.

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