Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Simone at a turning point in her life

Egyptian artist Simone has returned to the spotlight as a singer, actor and television host on a new show on one of the new Egyptian satellite channels.

According to the London daily Elaph, Simone recently appeared on the show “Hiwar Jar’” (Courageous Talk), aired on the satellite channel “Modern TV”. Simone talked about the turning point in her life and her new album, for which she has completed 6 songs.

Simone also filmed a video clip for one of the songs from her new album called “Tiesh Al Farha” (Live The Moment). She described the song as suitable for her life now.

On the show Simone recounted her first experience in the Egyptian cinema in the film “Youm Helo Wa Youm Mor” (Sweet Day And A Bitter Day), which gave her the chance to act alongside the great Egyptian actress Faten Hamamah.

Simone said Faten Hamamah was very down to earth and gave her good advice on how to become a successful actress. Faten was the reason she wanted to become an actor, said Simone. Simone is filming a new movie with Egyptian superstar Amer Diab called “Ice-cream In Gleam.” Simone talked about how she enjoys engaging in charity work when she is away from the spotlight. Simone is starring in a new television drama series, “Qoyoud Min Nar” (Chains From Fire, aired on ART satellite channel.

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