Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Maysam Nahas releases “Adorable”

Lebanese singer Maysam Nahas has released a new album called “Mahdoom” (Adorable). Her fans were waiting for the release for a year and a half.

The new album features 8 songs that were written by Kamal Qabisi, Rafi, Jihad Farah, Milhem Saab and Yaser Jalal. Maysam also worked with a number of composers like Yehya Al Hasan, Rafi, Jihad Farah, Yaser Jalal and George Mrdirosyan.

The songs on the new album are “Mahdoom” (Adorable), “Bahlam Beyounak” (I Dream About Your Eyes), “Hatrooh Beed O Inseetak” (You’ll Go Far And I’ll Forget You), “Batfa’al Feek” (You’re My Lucky Charm), “Bishar Layali” (Staying Up At Night), “Mujarad So’al” (Only A Question) and “Habib Al Rooh” (The Love Of My Soul).

The songs from Maysam’s new album are sung in a mix of Lebanese, Egyptian and Khaliji “Gulf countries” dialects.

Photographer Wasim Rahal presents Maysam in a new look on the new album cover. Maysam’s sister Elda designed the cover.

According to the London daily Elaph, Maysam chose the song, which holds the album’s title “Mahdoom” (Adorable), to film in the form of a music video with the famous Lebanese director Fadi Haddad.

Fadi is becoming a favorite among of many singers, now competing with established directors throughout the Arab World.

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