Sunday, April 13, 2008

Nadine Falah returns to ‘Rotana’

Lebanese host Nadine Falah has signed a new contract with the music company ‘Rotana,’ after several conflicts between her and the production company that last for more than three years.

According to the London daily Elaph, Negotiations between the two parties were conducted in secrecy.

Nadine will have her own show to be aired on ‘Rotana Khalijia,’ the channel which airs songs sung in the Gulf dialect and is seeing so many changes lately that are yet to be revealed.

The new show is called “Saydati” (Madam), and will be produced with the help of “Saydati Magazine.” Only one episode was filmed so far and was aired on ‘Rotana Khaijia’ last Sunday. Nadine is working on filming the second episode and there will be a total of 31 episodes for this season. Filming took place in Dubai.

‘Rotana Khalijia’ is a music channel and will also air various shows and drama series for the whole family. The new satellite channel will be competing with the more successful channel MBC.

Nadine currently has her own show on Abu Dhabi channel called “Inta Meen” (Who Are You).

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