Friday, April 11, 2008

Marwan Khouri angry with ‘Rotana’

After the success of his album “Kol Al Qasaed” (All the Poems) the Lebanese signer Marwan Khoury has earned his place as one of the most important composers in the Arab World.

Now he is working on a new album called “Ana Wa Lail” (The Night And Me) and will film a new music video clip for the album.

According to the London daily Elaph, the new album is a collection of romantic songs. Critics have compared the style to that of Iraqi singer Kathem Al Saher and Lebanese singer Fadel Shaker.

Marwan has been less than pleased with the comparison, because he feels that he has his own style of music.

“To be a successful composer you must try not to be repetitive and always look for new rhymes,” said Marwan.

He enjoys working with his brothers Claude and Danny because he truly feels they are talented, he added.

Rumors claim there is a conflict between Marwan and music production company Rotana over the album.

Marwan asserts there is no conflict, just a delay in releasing the album.
He did express his dissatisfaction over the delay in producing his music video and that ‘Rotana’ had set a lower budget for the video clip than what he expected.

Marwan is also composing songs for various artists, like Lebanese singers Elissa, Majida Al Romi, and Maya Nasri, along with Iraqi singer Shatha Hasoon, and Maha Al Reem.

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