Friday, April 4, 2008

Asala part of the “Khaliji Stars”

Syrian singer Asala Nasri participated for the second year in the talent show “Nojoom Al Khaliji 2008” (Khalij “Gulf States” Stars 2008).
According to the London daily Elaph, Asala glowed on stage while performing her songs. She sang seven of her best songs straight, from her most recent albums “Hayati” (My Life) and her Khaliji Album “Sawaha Galbi” (My Heart Did It).

While Asala was singing her song “Aktar” (More) her son Khaled, known as “Loudi,” came up on stage and sang with his mother. Asala thanked him and announced that he had achieved his goal, to get up on stage and sing with his moth infront of a large crowd.
Khaled was seated next to his stepfather director Tareq Al Aryan.Asala dedicated one of the songs to her late father who she still misses. Asala said that she is preparing to release a new album and hopes that production company ‘Rotana’ will devote more attention to this album.

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