Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Somaya Al Khashab refuses to replace Laila Elwy

The Egyptian actress Somaya Al Khashab refused an offer from Rabab Hussein, the director of the television drama series “Laylat Al Ro’ya” (Vision Night), to play the leading role.

Somaya would have replaced the famous Egyptian actress Laila Elwi. Laila asked to be paid 5 million Egyptian pounds for the role.

Somaya did not go into detail as to why she refused the offer.

She is busy filming her own television drama series called “Salilat Al Hasab Wa Al Nasab” (The Heir of Rich Families). The new series is created by Muhammad Al Safti and directed by Majdi Abu Amirah.

Somaya plays the role of a woman whose father dies, and her uncle takes her inheritance. She tires to recover what her uncle has stolen throughout the series.

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