Saturday, May 10, 2008

Carole sings ‘Ali’

Carole Samaha’s last music video “Yama Layali” (So Many Nights), sung in the Egyptian dialect, was a success.

Carole has just finished recording another new song called “Ali,” written by Abed Al Aziz Amar, composed by Muhammad Rahim, and distributed by Havaness.

The young composer Muhammad Rahim was very pleased to work with the Lebanese superstar. He also composed the song “Yama Layali” for Carole.
According to the London daily Elaph, Muhammad Rahim declined to reveal more details about the new song “Ali,” fearing it might be illegally copied before its release.

The Egyptian ministry of culture has decided to open the play “Zanobia,” staring Carole in July. A new theater in Cairo will be built especially for the production, measuring over 70,000 square-feet.

The Lebanese artists Ghasan Saliba and Antwan Karbaj will also star in the play alongside a cast of 150 actors and dancers.

The play also features a number of horses and camels.

“Zanobia” was written by Mansour Al Rahabani and directed by Marwan Al Rahabani. The story revolves around the life of the Tadmor queen “Zanobia,” focusing on the last five years of her life, when her rule ended and she was sentenced to prison.

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