Saturday, May 10, 2008

Amal Hijazi releases a new album and a new man

The production company ‘Rotana’ held a press conference for the Lebanese singer Amal Hijazi for the release of her new album “Keef Al Qamar” (How’s The Moon) in Beirut.

According to the London daily Elaph, Toni Sam’an, the manger of art affairs at Rotana and Hadi Hajar, the assistant manager of marketing were present at the conference.

Amal thanked those in attendance for coming. She also wished the Christians a Happy Easter and that Lebanon will be a better place by next year.

Amal was questioned about her ex-manger Sharbal Damood, with whom she was romantically involved.

Amal said they were serious and planned to get married, but faith separated them and wished him all the best.

Then Amal revealed that she was engaged to a Kuwaiti man, but they also broke off their engagement.

Amal then commented, “Am I Releasing A Guy, Or A New Album?”

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