Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Mahros denies abandoning Tamer Hosni for 11 million EGP

Naser Mahros, owner of “Free Music” company, responsible for producing Egyptian superstar Tamer Hosni’s work, said that he will never abandon Tamer Hosni.

Amirah Mahros, a spokesperson for Naser Mahros, said that the rumors in the press about the separation of Naser Mahros and Tamer Hosni are not true. “Naser Mahros won’t give up Tamer Hosni to any other production company for any sum of money,” said Amirah Mahros.

They have great respect for another, she added.

Rumors claim that Naser Mahros asked for 11 million Egyptian Pounds for the release of Tamer Hosni from their contract.

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