Saturday, May 10, 2008

Najwa Karam “Music career and marriage don’t agree with each other”

Lebanese singer Najwa Karam recently appeared as a guest on the entertainment show “Mahatat” (Stations), aired on “Al Arabiya” satellite channel.

During the show Najwa talked about her music career and that she started when she was 18-years old. She said that she wanted to quit several times, but persevered.

According to the London daily Elaph, Najwa is known for her traditional Lebanese songs, sung in the Lebanese dialect. She has tired to add different styles to Arabic music.

Najwa also talked about money, power and her opinion on marrying an artist.
Najwa has led a unique and successful music career, yet when it comes to marriage, Najwa said that “marriage and art don’t agree with each other.”

Najwa is enthusiastic about recording the songs for her new album, to be released by the end of May. She has worked with a number of composers, like Imad Shams Al Deen, Wisam Al Amir, Nizar Francis and the famous musician Melhim Barakat.

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