Friday, April 4, 2008

TaRaTiR Mahmoud Essiely

After an absence of two years, Mahmoud Essiely return with new Album entitled "Taratir" is the main song in the album is authored and the bar and distribution distributor young Ahmed Adel, who said that the song is "Surprise" for all Essiely fans . as he put it is expected to achieve great success, such as the success of the song " TaRaRaM "in 2006.

Songs new album for Essiely all-authored except one song, composed by his sister " Omnia " , as well as all the songs except one song from the new young music composer " Hussein Ma'roof " , has stated that his new album Contains 2 Songs written specifically for his fiancée " Nermin " the song "Taratir" and "Betty and Matrahy"

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