Friday, April 4, 2008

Menna Shalaby Agian With Helmy

Menna Shalaby contracted after hesitation, the film starring Ahmed Helmi new " Fasel Sha7n ", the story and scenario Ayman Bahjat Amar, Directed By Khaled Morsy, and the production company "United Brothers" artistic production and distribution

She has accepted the participation of the artist Ahmed Helmi his new Film " Fasel Sha7n " after long hesitation and thinking, and she attributed the reluctance to fear of repeating herself , especially as she participated Helmi his latest films " Keda Reda ", which has achieved great success

She added: "The contract signed movie on Saturday, after reading the scenario of the film known to what extent is different and distinct, and will be presented on Tuesday in an addendum to the cinema"

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