Friday, April 4, 2008

MaZZiKa produce Fairouz New album

MaZZiKa companies preparing in the coming period with great singer Fairouz to produce the latest album .. The coming weeks will witness many of the negotiations and contacts in order to reach a comprehensive agreement on the substantive work ahead.

It is certain that the deal will become functional is the highest and most expensive deal in the history of Arabic singing, but I doubt that the Egyptian and Arab public in general eager to hear the singer Fairuz, in the great lyric new album .. In addition to viewing the work of photographer concert at the highest level of quality and technical art .. Besides studying the draft lyric ceremony at the foot of a huge pyramids.

MaZZiKa is reticent about the details of the event until the negotiations are under full confidentiality and in the coming months will be announced on all the details of the negotiations.

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