Friday, April 4, 2008

Jenny Sings : Aklek Menen Ya Batta

Egyptian artist Jenny is preparing to record a new song for children, entitled "Aklek Menen Ya Batta" with lyrics and music by the poet Aziz El-Shafei.

And Jenny has denied the existence of any similarity between the song and song provided by the morning and in the sixties with the same name Valagnetan different in "Sabah" and content and is happy that the song targeted for children, especially as they love children and believes that the child needs more than just a song.

And the song "Aklek Menen Ya Batta" will be among the new album "between hands", which will soon launch Jenny is the production so that the topic is subject to the beginning of personal responsibility and at its disposal and is what many of them refused offers of production companies, and waiting through Jenny Active days Show "near me" and that publicity for the new album.

Jenny has come since the days of a car crash, her car and car transport are in the process of Mrioutih Giza when returning from her meeting young composer Mohammed Rahim to put the final touches to the album.

And the Jenny began her career singing through the album "Leave questions" after Riyadh Hamshari discovered, where it gave the first Active entitled "Ombella" after they had made a number of serials and dramas.

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